New, Super Detailed Justice League Flash Figure Revealed

Ezra Miller's The Flash - set to appear in the Justice League movie - now has a super-realistic Hot Toys figurine, as unveiled by a gallery of images.

Hot Toys has unveiled a highly detailed figurine of Ezra Miller’s The Flash, who is set to make his first proper big screen appearance in the DC Extended Universe’s Justice League movie later this month. Following on from his blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos in Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, Miller’s Flash is expected to become a firm fan favorite after Justice League reaches theaters.

The Flash (aka Barry Allen, a forensic scientist endowed with super speed) has offered moments of levity and lightness in the Justice League trailers: he signed up without hesitation to the heroic crusade helmed by Ben Affleck’s Batman; he called his fellow heroes ‘rude’ for ditching Commissioner Gordon on a rooftop; and, perhaps most humorously, he admitted to never having done a battle before. He's just pushed some people over and run away.

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Given that Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and Aquaman already have Hot Toys figures, it’s no surprise that Justice League’s iteration of The Flash is also getting in on the action. Nonetheless, the complex detailing on this figure is still massively impressive:

[vn_gallery name="The Flash Justice League Hot Toys Figure" id="1104772"]

This eye-catching sixth scale figure, which comes with various interchangeable pieces, shows Miller’s Barry fully suited up. The images highlight the unique textures of his costume, which appears to consist of chunks of metal held together by cables, with some dark padding between the shiny red bits. Grant Gustin, who plays a different version of Barry Allen in The CW’s The Flash TV show, described Miller’s costume as “sick” when he first saw it, and compared the design to that of the Injustice video game.

If you too think this costume is sick (in a good way), you might want to pick up this figure so you can display it in your home. To do that, you’ll need to fork out a fair bit of cash: the retail price is $228, although the Sideshow website does offer a $51.25-per-month payment plan. The figure won’t be released until late 2018, so you’ve got time in which to decide on a purchase option.

However, of course, plenty of people around the globe do not have this much disposable income to play with. For those fans that can’t afford the product, the images above should still be intriguing to look at. Even if a purchase is out of the question, you’ve got to admit that the attention to detail – and the recreated trailer moments – are mightily impressive.

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Source: Sideshow

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