Justice League Stars On What Unites The Flash & Cyborg

Two of the stars of Justice League explain what unites The Flash and Cyborg in the upcoming team-up film. With DC's epic film just weeks away, promotion for the new movie has been kicking into high gear. In all likelihood, we'll see a new Justice League trailer with next month's Blade Runner 2049. When we do, more light should be shed on the big mysteries and we'll get a better sense of the team's chemistry.

In the meantime, we've received a little better idea of how everyone will function together. A recent video featured the actors from the film explaining each of their character's roles in the new film. We also heard from DC head Geoff Johns that the Flash is everyone's favorite part of Justice League in test screenings. Now, we have an even better idea of how the Fastest Man Alive will interact with his other young teammate.

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Warner Bros has released a new promo video for Justice League focusing on the bond between Barry Allen's the Flash and Vic Stone's Cyborg. In the video, actors Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher joke around about their characters before clips from the trailers and a Comic-Con panel featuring the stars are shown.

#EzraMiller and @rehsifyar on their characters' bond in #JusticeLeague.

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As the two youngest members of the team and the two newest heroes, Flash and Cyborg will provide a nice contrast to the more seasoned members like Batman and Wonder Woman. They're also two characters who are incredibly smart and whose powers were gained in scientific accidents. While some of those similarities are superficial, they'll likely also bond the pair thematically.

As we await the new trailer for the film, today has brought some interesting news regarding the music of the film. According to composer Danny Elfman, one scene in the movie is so emotional that he had to bring in a full orchestra. Given the generic rock music that's been featured in most of the trailers, it should prove a nice contrast for a skilled composer like Elfman to properly score a scene in Justice League.

Elfman also explained that a particularly dark moment will involve Superman's classic motif. Could this involve the rumors of Superman returning wearing his black suit? While the Man of Steel has been mostly kept out of marketing, it's hardly a surprise that he'll be showing up to help the team when Justice League hits theaters.

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Source: Warner Bros

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