Justice League vs. The Fatal Five Animated Movie Sets Voice Cast

DC has announced the official voice cast for the upcoming animated movie, Justice League Vs. the Fatal Five. The movie was announced last year, and is intended to be available only on the DC Universe streaming service, which was launched to popular acclaim last year.

DC Universe is a strong package, incorporating unique comic-book-reading technology with a wealth of classic DC movies and TV shows. Warner Bros. aims to have original programming of some kind drop every single week; the service launched with weekly episodes from the live-action Titans series, which has been followed by a revival of the Young Justice animated series. Although the streaming service is currently only available in the United States, it's believed international rollout is a high priority for Warner Bros..

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The Hollywood Reporter has officially released the first official synopsis for Justice League Vs. the Fatal Five, as well as announcing the voice cast. The synopsis reads:

"Justice League vs. The Fatal Five finds the fate of the earth hanging in the balance when the Justice League faces a powerful new threat — the Fatal Five! Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman seek answers as the time-traveling trio of Mano, Persuader and Tharok terrorize Metropolis in search of budding Green Lantern, Jessica Cruz. With her unwilling help, they aim to free remaining Fatal Five members Emerald Empress and Validus to carry out their sinister plan. But the Justice League has also discovered an ally from another time in the peculiar Star Boy — brimming with volatile power, could he be the key to thwarting the Fatal Five? An epic battle against ultimate evil awaits!"

Several DC veterans are confirmed among the cast, with Kevin Conroy as Batman, Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman, and George Newbern as Superman. They'll be joined by Diane Guerrero (Doom Patrol) as Jessica Cruz, and Elyes Gabel (ScorpionGame of Thrones) as Star-Boy. The titular Fatal Five will be played by Peter Jessop (Mass Effect) as Thorak, Tom Kenny (Sponge Bob Square Pants) as Bloodsport, Matthew Yang King (Batman Ninja) as The Persuader, Sumalee Montano (This Is Us) as the Emerald Empress, and Philip Anthony Rodriguez (Grim) as Mano. Additional cast includes Daniela Bobadilla as Miss Martian, Kevin Michael Richardson as Mr. Terrific, Noel Fisher as Brainiac 5 and Tara Strong as Saturn Girl.

Warner Bros. has yet to confirm an official release date, but this is one of the most promising projects for the DC Universe streaming service to date. Jessica Cruz is one of the newest Green Lanterns in the comics, created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Scriver back in 2014. A Mexican-American, Cruz is characterized by her battle against anxiety, a daily struggle that makes her unique among all superheroes. Green Lanterns have always been credited for the ability to conquer fear, but in Jessica's case she has to overcome her fears just to get out of bed in the morning. It will be fascinating to see how the hero is adapted into this new incarnation by Bruce Timm.

It's no surprise seeing some members of the Legion of Super Heroes confirmed for this animated movie; the Fatal Five are traditional enemies of the Legion, and it's likely their goal is to rewrite history by killing Cruz. The comics have implied subtle links between Cruz's Green Lantern and the Emerald Empress, with Cruz being uniquely capable of resisting the Emerald Empress' powers. The truth about these connections has yet to fully be explained, and no doubt DC Animation will adapt it to suit their own story.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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