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Between the DCEU and MCU, the excitement is at a fever pitch already for the releases of Justice League and Avengers: Infinity War, even though both are still many months away. But that's not stopping fans from creating awesome art inspired by both cinematic universes, and sometimes, outside of them. Graphic artist Boss Logic for example, has created some awe-inspiring fan art for Fox's Logan, and Deadpool 2's latest character addition Domino.

The latest impressive look at the Justice League comes from a fan's artistic perspective. The photorealistic rendering not only brings Batman (Ben Affleck, hurling a batarang, cape unfurled), Superman (Henry Cavill), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and The Flash (Ezra Miller, complete with lightning bolts left in his wake), all together near the Batmobile, but looming in the background is Green Lantern (in what looks to be the likeness of reboot candidate Armie Hammer).

Check out the Justice League in an Instagram post by Spider Monkey 23:

Unite. Barry finally has friends. #Justiceleague

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The inclusion of Green Lantern in the portrait notwithstanding, the new Justice League fan art separates itself from the recent poster art Warner Bros. released by including Superman in the mix. Enhancing the distinction is a newspaper on the ground off to the side of the Justice League members (not The Daily Planet, but Spider Monkey 23 News), which carries the headline, "THE MAN OF STEEL IS BACK!" underneath a photo of the resurrected superhero.

The new bit of fan art encapsulates not only the growing enthusiasm for the Justice League this November, but what could come in the future should Hal Jordan join the team. Spider Monkey isn't the first fan artist to dream of this, of course. Last month, Sentry Designs imagined Hammer in the guise of Jordan/Green Lantern in a stunning close-up portrait, and Boss Logic weighed in with his take on what Green Lantern would look like if he got his own Justice League character poster.

Whether fans get their wish and Hammer soars into the Justice League movie with a Green Lantern cameo, or the creation of Green Lantern/Justice League art is wishful thinking, it's wonderful to see fans get excited for the prospects of future offerings from the DCEU. An exciting year is in store with Wonder Woman making her big screen solo movie debut in June, and of course, Justice League's hotly anticipated release is in November; and only the blockbuster success of both those films will help the expansion of the Justice League come to fruition.

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Source: Spider Monkey 23 (via: Reddit)

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