Ezra Miller Reveals One Justice League Joke That Was Cut

WARNING: This post contains MINOR SPOILERS for Justice League

Ezra Miller shares one joke from Justice League that unfortunately didn't make the final cut. Many fans have already seen DC Films' latest project, with a lot of people going to theaters so far this weekend to see what the buzz is all about. But for those who have already checked it out, Miller's latest reveal may be a fun piece of good-to-know trivia that could either make you feel good or bad depending on your thoughts about the removed bit.

Reviews for Justice League may have been mixed and its Rotten Tomatoes Score is not as good as fans would hope it to be. But despite all the criticism about the narrative, many agree that it was indeed a great time in the cinema. It did what it had to do by assembling the League and it jelled the team together. If anything, those character interactions are cinematic gold, at least for die-hard aficionados.


Now, Miller shared in a recent interview with GameSpot that during one of the League's action-less scenes in the film, there was one joke uttered by Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) that was removed from the movie. As for the reason why Miller believes it was ultimately cut, he said, "Because, I think, that we only got a certain number of curse words." Miller explained the joke:

"There's a line that I miss from the film, that I wish was in there, [Aquaman] throws that thing against the wall in the Batcave, and [Batman's] original line was--I think now he just says, 'Hey. Don't do that.' But the original line was, 'Hey. Don't do that. A lot of my shit explodes.'"

Bruce Wayne Meets Arthur Curry in Justice League movie

It's difficult to say for certain, but we know that aside from jokes, there is a bevy of unused footage from the film that didn't make the final cut. Warner Bros.' President Kevin Tsujihara actually mandated that Justice League's runtime be under two hours. Whether that is really the reason, or it was just cut out to preserve the rating integrity of the film as Miller implies, will be a question may never have a definitive answer. Having said that, while the line could have induced a few more chuckles from the audience, it does not seem like we missed much by removing it. The League's meeting in the Batcave is still very much enjoyable with just enough levity, but without losing sight of the fact that the team is backed into a corner and is dealing with possibly the end of the world.

Aside from the aforementioned joke, another scene or two regarding Cyborg's backstory were also cut from the film. You can remember that several weeks ago, director Zack Snyder shared some BTS photos while filming some scenes from Victor Stone's football career that never made the film, as well as an interaction between him and his mother.

With a lot of contributing factors, both good and bad, that helped shape Justice League into what it ultimately became, many may believe it a miracle that Warners and all those involved were even able to pull the project through.

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Source: GameSpot

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