Justice League's Ezra Miller Announces 'Flash Week' in New Video

With Justice League approaching its release, 'The Flash' week is now underway. While fans have already had a whole movie each featuring Wonder Woman and Superman and saw the two join forces with Batman last year, the other members of the Justice League aren't quite as familiar. Out of all of them, however, The Flash is the best known. Even before his hit TV show on The CW, The Flash has long been one of DC's most popular character.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad both featured cameos from Ezra Miller as The Flash, and Barry Allen has gotten plenty of screen time in the Justice League trailers so far; and for those who have seen the movie, he's apparently one of Justice League's best parts. Still, Warner Bros and DC want to make sure audiences know what separates this take on the hero from the one who's been on The CW for years. As such, this week's Justice League ad campaign is all about the Scarlet Speedster.

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Justice League is kicking off 'Flash Week' today, with a new video featuring Miller. All week, new content will arrive focusing on Barry Allen, including new footage from the film. You can watch said announcement clip with Miller, below:

Special Announcement from Ezra Miller: It’s #TheFlash Week! ⚡️ #JusticeLeague

— Justice League Movie (@justiceleaguewb) October 16, 2017

Last week, Justice League put the spotlight on Aquaman, revealing new footage of him in the film along with commentary from Jason Momoa. 'Flash Week' is starting even earlier this week, so we should get even more from the hero and his actor. While Aquaman will get his own solo film next year, WB and DC have yet to announce an official release date for The Flash's solo movie, Flashpoint. Hopefully, Justice League will help sell fans on Miller's character and increase anticipation for the solo adventure.

As we await more insight on The Flash, the marketing for Justice League has continued to offer promos, new footage, and interviews with the cast. So far, we learned about the weaknesses of each Justice League member. Though they seem god-like, they do have individual shortcomings. We also learned how Cyborg's origin will differ from the comics. Like Aquaman and The Flash, he will get more time in the spotlight soon (and considering he's nowhere near as well-known, he'll certainly need it). In the meantime, stay tuned as more information on The Flash in Justice League is revealed.

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Source: Justice League Twitter Account

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