Justice League (Slightly) Extended Cut Possibly Confirmed

An extended cut of Justice League has apparently been confirmed via Amazon Germany, but it seems unlikely to be the Zack Snyder cut of the film.

The debate over Justice League has divided fans. Many have blamed Joss Whedon for the film's disappointing box office performance, and there's intense demand for an extended cut. Fans are particularly focused on the idea of seeing Snyder's version of the movie, but their hopes are likely to be disappointed.

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Amazon Germany has been updated to list a variety of purchase formats for Justice League. Intriguingly, one of them has a running time of 135 minutes. If this listing is accurate, it certainly looks like some sort of extended cut, with an additional 15 minutes of footage. The question is, assuming this list is accurate, what extra scenes should we expect? There have been rumors that Warner Bros. executives originally saw the Snyder cut, and that it ran to three hours in length. Although those rumors haven't been confirmed, any Snyder cut will certainly have been longer than two hours fifteen minutes. So this doesn't seem to be a Snyder cut.

The sad truth is that this shouldn't really come as a surprise. Justice League wrapped production in October 2016, and then entered post-production. Snyder stepped down in May last year, when post-production was only partly completed. At that stage in post-production, Snyder's deleted scenes would lack VFX and CGI, and likely wouldn't have been scored. It would cost Warner Bros. millions to complete this unfinished cut, and the studio is already reportedly expecting to take a loss on Justice League. The expensive reshoots may well have wound up costing Warner Bros. up to $100 million.

If Amazon's listing is accurate, it instead seems likely the extended version will simply feature deleted scenes from Whedon's cut. They likely include some scenes posted to Vimeo in November, including a cameo from Kiersey Clemons' Iris West and a number of important scenes featuring Cyborg. These showed him learning how to use his powers, with some featuring a surreal VR environment. It's also likely an extended cut will include a key Cyborg flashback, which Cyborg actor Ray Fisher suspected would be released on DVD / Blu-ray.

This won't be the news the fans are hoping for. Fans have even gone so far as to launch a popular petition calling for the Snyder cut. The petition currently sits at over 166,000 signatures, giving a sense of just how much interest there is in this version. This latest sales listing is just another hint that this petition is doomed to failure.

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Source: Amazon Germany

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