Justice League Easter Egg References Doomsday Birth

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Eagle-eyed fans have spotted a Justice League Easter Egg that directly references Doomsday's birth.

Justice League has proven to be one of DC's most controversial films to date. In May 2017, director Zack Snyder stepped down from the project after a family tragedy. He was replaced by Joss Whedon, and the finished film was certainly more Whedonesque than Snyder-style. It's led furious fans to petition for a copy of the "Snyder Cut." They're combing over every single scene in the film to try to catch a glimpse of Snyder's original vision. Matters have only been worsened by recent rumors that Snyder was actually sacked, rather than stepping down as previously thought.

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Now one intriguing Easter Egg has hinted at just how different the film could be. Fans have noticed what's clearly a deliberate similarity between the birth of Doomsday and the resurrection of Superman. Check it out below, via Twitter user JNappier:

Snyder is a visual storyteller, and this is the kind of visual symmetry that he loves to indulge in. The scenes run directly parallel; both characters have been resurrected by Kryptonian technology, both land, gradually rise with hunched shoulders, and begin to turn to face the hero(es). There's simply no way this isn't deliberate. What's more, given Whedon tried to make a relatively clean break with Batman V Superman, it's highly unlikely this particular moment was shot by Whedon.

This parallel is just the latest hint that Snyder originally envisioned Superman returning not as a hero, but as a villain. In the final theatrical cut, Superman awakens in a confused state, and has a brief brawl with the assembled Justice League. It's still an effective sequence - not least the expression of horror on the Flash's face when Superman matches his speed - but it feels somehow disjointed from the rest of the movie. The resolution is too swift, too complete, as though the script just wants to move on from this. It seems likely Snyder's original version took a very different approach.

Batman V Superman offered dark hints that the future of the DCEU was a bleak one. Batman's "Knightmare" vision seemed to be inspired by the Flash's time-travel, with the Flash warning that Bruce was right. It was a clear nod to the popular Injustice concept, where Superman has turned rogue and become a dictator. That sequence also introduced viewers to Parademons, the villains in Justice League, so there was a clear connection. Meanwhile, it's known that Snyder envisioned Superman wearing a black suit. While this was associated with Superman's resurrection in the original comics, a black costume is often symbolic of an evil turn for a hero.

Sadly, the truth is that fans will probably never know what the Snyder version of Justice League was like. It's unlikely that a near-finished version of the Snyder ever existed; he left partway through post-production, meaning visual effects, CGI, scoring, and additional photography were incomplete. All fans have left is guesswork.

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Source: JNappier

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