Justice League Expected To Hit Digital HD Later This Month

Justice League is expected to be released on digital HD on January 30, 2017. Premiering this past November, the ensemble piece was meant to be a coming out party for the DC Extended Universe, building off the forward momentum generated by Wonder Woman last June. Unfortunately for Warner Bros. and DC, things did not go at all according to plan. Widely panned by critics, the film struggled at the box office, posting the lowest totals of the franchise (domestically and globally). Its underperformance has raised several questions about the DCEU's future, but WB is forging ahead with a slate of projects.

As the studio hopes for better results from the likes of Aquaman and Wonder Woman 2, they'll try to salvage what they can from Justice League. The team-up was not a success at the box office, but there is an opportunity for second life in the form of its home media release. With the movie dropping out of theaters, WB is looking to get it into living rooms sooner rather than later.

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The iTunes Movies listing for Justice League (hat tip Batman-News) indicates the title is now available for preorder, with an expected release date of January 30, 2018. If this holds true, it will be slightly over two months since the film came out in theaters, which is atypical for Hollywood tentpoles. There's usually a period of at least 90 days before a movie debuts on home media, especially when it does well commercially.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Justice League

While WB has yet to officially confirm a Justice League home date, it certainly seems like they're in the stages of piecing together such a release. Alleged leaked cover art of the Blu-ray popped up online late last month, dismissing the notion an alternate cut of the film will be included on the disc. Ever since it became apparent Joss Whedon's highly-publicized reshoots greatly altered the trajectory of the final product, there has been a vocal outcry from the DC fan base to see Zack Snyder's version of Justice League. Despite passionate pleas from petition signers and website launchers, that doesn't appear to be in the cards. Time will tell what additional content is on the Blu-ray, and those announcements should come soon.

As indicated earlier, the DCEU is in a state of flux right now as WB sorts out a multitude of projects in various stages of development. It remains to be seen how much longer Ben Affleck will be Batman, which Harley Quinn film is next, and even if there will be a Justice League 2. Hope is not lost just yet for the property, and all it'll take is a well-received Aquaman to get back on track. But if the upcoming solo films struggle as well, the studio may have to reconsider their options.

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Source: iTunes (via Batman-News)

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