Here Are The Superman Deleted Scenes That Could Be On The Justice League Blu-Ray

With the digital and Blu-ray release of Justice League now just weeks away, we're taking a look at which of the movie's deleted scenes may soon be revealed to fans. As you know, the film itself was subjected to extensive reshoots following the departure of director Zack Snyder during post-production. When Joss Whedon stepped in to take his place at the behest of Warner Bros., the movie was drastically reshaped, and not everyone was thrilled with the final product. Many fans have even come out in support of the release of a Snyder cut, in the hopes that the director's original vision for the film would finally see the light of day.

That's not a very likely scenario, of course, but most fans would agree that any new Justice League footage would be a good thing. Now that Warner Bros. has announced that the movie's upcoming home entertainment release would come complete with bonus scenes not seen in theaters, folks can't help but wonder what exactly we're in store for.

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Interestingly, the press release for the announcement actually revealed that the name of the deleted scenes section is "The Return of Superman". Obviously, this heavily implies that Henry Cavill's Man of Steel will be the primary focus of the bonus footage. That alone gives us an idea of what scenes in particular we'll be getting. From scenes glimpsed in trailers that didn't make the final cut to rumored editing room casualties, here are The Superman Deleted Scenes That Could Be On The Justice League Blu-Ray.

Chatting with Alfred

This scene was first glimpsed at the end of the Comic Con trailer, where Alfred Pennyworth looks to be tinkering in the Batcave. After hearing a pair of loud thuds off in the distance and seeing the ripple effects in his glass of Scotch, Bruce Wayne's trusty butler looks up and sees...someone. He then tells our mystery guest(s), "You said you'd come. Now let's hope you're not too late." There are a few alternate candidates as to who Alfred's talking to here, namely a pair of Green Lanterns (seeing as there's actually two separate thuds heard.) But that of course would've entailed an entire sideplot that at least alluded to those characters still being around, since the only Lantern we see in Justice League appears unnamed in the flashback to the original battle with Steppenwolf.

From what we can gather, Alfred is almost certainly talking to the resurrected Superman here, probably just before he heads off to join the final fight against Steppenwolf. When exactly Supes had said he'd come, we're not sure, but this looks like a fun (if not entirely necessary) scene that could make its way onto Justice League's Blu-ray.

"I'll take that as a yes"

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent and Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Justice League

Justice League did indeed feature a scene between Clark Kent and Lois Lane on the Kent farm in Smallville, but the version seen in theaters began very differently than what we saw in the final Justice League trailer that released last October. The teaser actually kicked off with a scene in which Lois approaches her recently resurrected beau in that same cornfield, where he charmingly states, "I'll take that as a yes" in reference to the engagement ring she's wearing. It's a genuinely heartfelt sequence, one that's welcomingly accompanied by Hans Zimmer's main theme from Man of Steel.

The iteration we saw on the big screen, meanwhile, jumped straight to Lois asking Clark how he was feeling, and what it's like to be alive again. Zimmer's score is sorely missed in the final version, which also featured a lot of Henry Cavill's infamous CGI lip (another obvious negative). It's possible that Warner Bros. will include the alternate take on the Smallville scene we glimpsed in the final trailer, though we wouldn't expect to hear Zimmer's Man of Steel theme playing over it.

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