Leaked Justice League Deleted Scenes Feature Iris West & Cyborg VR

Warner Bros. just launched Justice League into theaters, but deleted scenes have already leaked online. Arguably the most important movie in WB's still young DC movie universe is here and is adding to the controversial nature of the franchise. Justice League sports the biggest and most powerful DC heroes all on the screen for the first time, but much has been made of the behind-the-scenes turmoil the project has had. From last second rewrites, to major reshoots, and losing Zack Snyder as the director, it is safe to say the film that is currently playing in theaters is not what initially was planned.

All of these factors and a mandated runtime from the studio for Justice League to be under two hours have sparked conversations over what is missing from the film. Surprisingly, deleted scenes from the film have already leaked online showing Iris West's cameo and more of Cyborg.

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A Vimeo user has uploaded six deleted scenes from Justice League days into its theatrical run. The biggest scene shows Keirsey Clemons cameo as Iris West, when Barry rushes to save her in from a potentially fatal car accident. The other five scenes all include Cyborg. One shows him learning to fly, another of him analyzing weapons data, one in the halls of leading to the Kryptonian ship, and two more that are rather strange. In what appears to be some sort of virtual reality display, a regular looking Victor Stone is shown approaching a base of Nazis, and in another scene controlling hundreds of missiles - similar to what Magneto does in X-Men: First Class.

The most surprising thing about this leak is the timing. Having these leak during Justice League's opening weekend isn't great, especially with the debate over what was cut being such a big topic. The context of these scenes are not entirely clear, but they should all be from Zack Snyder's original cut and footage he shot. Justice League is condensed to a runtime less than two hours, but fans eager to see more of Flash's world will only wish him saving Iris was included even more. This is actually the first look at Clemons in the role and would make for a memorable entrance if nothing else.

The Cyborg scenes are a bit more bizarre as they are much shorter than full length scenes. The rooftop flying scene and him investigating satellites, missiles, etc look to be the ones closest to making the film based on the quality of the VFX. The trailers actually used the shot of Cyborg bursting through the clouds early on, but it probably will never be revealed why they cut the scene and only teased him knowing how to fly early on. The VR like scenes are just as mysterious, but also add another layer to Cyborg as he projects his form in the way he was before his accident.

Unfortunately, none of these scenes are in the movie and are sure to be taken down soon. Once Justice League nears its home video release, expect more deleted scenes to be released, but officially this time. Plus, if an extended cut is being considered, there is a better chance these scenes are finished and put into the film. If not, we'll have to wait and see whether or not Warner Bros. ever officially release the clips.

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