Justice League: Wonder Woman Discovers Darkseid in New Snyder Cut Image

A new image from the deleted history lesson scene featuring Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in Justice League emerges online thanks to Zack Snyder. While Snyder received sole directing credit for the first and only Warner Bros. and DC ensemble flick thus far, it was really Joss Whedon who had final say on what ended up on the big screen. That's due to a last minute director switch after the original helmer had to step away from the project, resulting in the former MCU filmmaker stepping in and doing extensive reshoots.

It's no secret that Justice League's theatrical release is significantly different from its original plan. Hence, the Release the Snyder Cut movement was born - a campaign demanding Warner Bros. roll out the original cut of the film with Junkie XL's score (the initial composer before Danny Elfman stepped in). There's no indication that Warner Bros. is planning to heed to these requests, but almost two years after the film hit cinemas, more details about what's in that much-clamored version of the movie emerge online. The latest of which comes from Snyder himself.

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Taking it to his official Vero account (via The Zack Snyder Bible), Snyder shared a close-up shot of Wonder Woman discovering the mural representation of the history lesson she tells Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck) as they gear up against Steppenwolf in Justice League. In the caption, the filmmaker wrote: "At the end of the story Darkseid." Check out the image below:

Fans have already seen varying looks at this deleted sequence. Last year, the close-up images of the murals also made the rounds online, featuring Humans, Atlanteans, and Amazonians coming together to protect the Mother Boxes. Prior to that Snyder teased this particular moment in Justice League with a photo of Gadot during the same scene in celebration of her birthday. And just a couple of days ago, a wide-shot of the same bit arrived. Even more than the image, it's Snyder's caption that gives the public a better idea of how and when this moment was supposed to fit in his original version of the movie.

Considering Snyder's caption, this might very well be the ending of Justice League. Diana knows the history lesson and when she recalls it to Bruce, it's to give him context of what's happening. But fans know that Justice League Part 2 was supposed to fully introduce Darkseid following Steppenwolf's failure to secure the mother boxes himself. That's effectively set up by this scene as Wonder Woman realizes that there's a bigger threat to come, and the battle for the power sources isn't quite done yet.

It's unknown if this particular plot line will eventually be revisited down the road in the DCEU. But looking at their confirmed slate, there's no plan to re-assemble the heroes (even just the remaining ones) anytime soon. Perhaps now that the public knows more about Snyder's cut of Justice League, Warner Bros. can just release the much-clamored for version of the movie.

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Source: Zack Snyder (via The Zack Snyder Bible)

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