Justice League Deleted Scene Fixes Superman Plot Hole

A recently teased deleted scene from Justice League seems to provide an answer for one of the movie's plot holes. After weeks of speculation regarding when the movie would be released on home entertainment and what bonus footage would be included on the Blu-ray, Warner Bros. made both of those things official earlier today. The digital movie will be made available on February 13th, and the Justice League Blu-ray (which drops exactly one month later) comes with a laundry list of special features, including behind-the-scenes looks at some of the film's major sequences and characters.

Of course, no respectable blockbuster would release a Blu-ray without a few deleted scenes in tow. Today's announcement confirmed that Justice League's home entertainment release would indeed feature bonus scenes not seen in theaters, a special feature that will literally be called "The Return of Superman." Fans who were holding out hope that the Blu-ray release would feature an outright Zack Snyder director's cut may be feeling a bit let down, but the release of any deleted footage at this point has to be considered a step in the right direction.

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The 29 second Blu-ray announcement video released earlier today teased one of those deleted scenes, one which depicts a suited-up Man of Steel standing in the Fortress of Solitude. (The five second teaser practically screams Snyder, by the way, in case you were wondering if replacement director Joss Whedon was the man responsible here. We imagine that most of the deleted scenes will be Snyder originals.) The scene in question seemingly takes place shortly after his resurrection, sandwiched in between the Smallville farm scene he shared with Lois Lane and Martha Kent and the final battle sequence with Steppenwolf over in Russia. But the smoky glimpse may reveal a bit more than you might have thought. Namely, it will likely explain where Superman's patched up suit came from.

As you'll recall, Supes got pretty thoroughly murdered at the conclusion of Batman v Superman. After stabbing the villainous Doomsday with a kryptonite spear, the fatally wounded creature plunged his giant spike-hand-thing into our hero's chest, killing the Man of Steel. Both combatants slumped dead to the floor with gaping, you're-not-getting-up-from-that-one holes in their torsos. Superman's costume was also dealt a fatal blow in the battle, however, so when he shows up in Justice League sporting his trademark costume to face off against Steppenwolf, fans may have been a bit confused.

The deleted scene we glimpsed today will likely explain where Supes gets his shiny new duds from: the Fortress of Solitude. Sure, it wasn't exactly a major plot hole, and it was far from Justice League's biggest offense, but it's a question that was worth answering. So if you ever want to get your hands on an authentic Superman costume, head on over to the Fortress of Solitude and grab yourself one of the spares. Just keep an eye out for the murder bot that almost killed Lois.

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