Justice League Deleted Clark's Grave Scene Image Posted By Zack Snyder

Justice League director Zack Snyder has revealed another deleted scene still from the movie. Justice League has proved to be a messy production for Warner Bros, with the movie suffering through a number of issues before hitting the screen. Its been reported that Snyder was fired from the production after delivering an 'unwatchable' cut, and director Joss Whedon was brought onboard to oversee extensive reshoots.

The sheer extent of that new material was obvious while watching Justice League, with Whedon's style jarring badly with Snyder's original footage. It was plain to see in nearly every sequence featuring Superman too, with the filmmakers famously having to digitally paint over star Henry Cavill's mustache for the reshoots, which he grew for Paramount's Mission: Impossible - Fallout. The effect itself was incredibly distracting in the final movie and confirmed nearly none of Snyder's footage involving Superman was used. Bad reviews and word of mouth saw the film underperform, with Warner Bros now rethinking their plan for the DC Extended Universe.

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It was also clear when comparing early trailers and promo material that a lot of deleted material existed for the movie. Zack Snyder has been sharing stills from some of those scenes on social media recently, such as Lois Lane and Martha Kent sharing a drink and reminiscing about Clark following his death in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Now the filmmaker has shared another image - a rather evocative one with Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman looking at Clark's coffin.

While Snyder's dark vision for the DCEU has met with backlash, there are still fans who really love what he tried to do with both Batman V Superman and Justice League. Those same fans want Warner Bros to finish and release the director's original vision of Justice League, removing all of Whedon's additions. A petition for this cut has attracted over 175,000 signatures and while the film was apparently more complete than some reports have let on, its unlikely the studio would invest the money needed to finish Snyder's version properly.

This flurry of Snyder posting images of Justice League deleted scenes will only fan the flames surrounding his edit, but for now, there's no reason to think any kind of director's cut is in the works. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see how Warner Bros. adjusts in the aftermath of Justice League. Ben Affleck may not return as Batman, Joss Whedon just left the Batgirl movie, and there are rumors suggesting Flashpoint may act as a soft reboot for the entire DCEU.

One interesting direction the franchise could head after Justice League is one-off, Elsewheres stories with some of their most popular characters. Todd Philips is currently developing an R-rated Joker movie set in the 1980s, with Joaquin Phoenix being lined up for the lead - even if he denies it.

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