Justice League Deleted Scene Had Bruce Wayne Trying to Bribe Aquaman

A new image from a deleted scene for Justice League features Bruce Wayne trying to buy himself some friends. With George Miller's Justice League: Mortal failing to coalesce but Marvel striking box office gold with The Avengers and its follow-up films, DC Comics fans were hopeful when the DCEU began to form with a goal towards bringing together the Justice League. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice offered a tease of the team-up last year with DC's three titans joining forces, but it also hinted at the troubles to come for the shared universe and the work of Zack Snyder.

Batman V Superman did well at the box office, but still failed to provide Warner Bros and DC with the hit they were looking for. Justice League saw itself go through a number of changes in order to pull in new audiences, and the success of Wonder Woman seemed to bode well for the film. Sadly for fans, Justice League was trashed by critics and many fans. The final haul for Justice League is far under expectations, currently sitting at $646.6 million globally and the lowest-earning DC adaptation since Superman Returns. But while the film hasn't been able to make as much money as hoped, Bruce Wayne doesn't have that issue.

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Reddit user stanleyThe (via ComicBookMovie) has shared an image from one of the deleted scenes for the Justice League Blu-ray. In it, we see an alternate take on Bruce and Arthur Curry's first meeting, where the billionaire tries to bribe Aquaman to join his new team.

Despite fans begging for a Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, it's seeming less likely it will emerge. The Justice League Blu-ray announcement seemed to further quash the idea of a director's cut, but that doesn't mean fans won't get plenty of deleted scenes. Not only is there a lot of Snyder material that was cut from the film, but some of what Whedon shot likely didn't make it to the big screen. Even James Wan filmed some scenes, which featured more of Aquaman's backstory and Atlantis.

The image above is likely from the Whedon cut, as his signature humor was a major reason he was hired to work on the Justice League script even before he took over to direct the lengthy reshoots. After fans were disappointed to see the Dark Knight gunning down people in Batman V SupermanJustice League swung things the other way by having Bruce crack jokes most of the time - albeit in a fittingly wry manner. For some fans, it was Whedon's work that caused the movie to tank, but the DCEU's track record with critics and at the box office proves otherwise. Hopefully, Aquaman will do better next year, but the shadow of Justice League's failure will continue to loom large.

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Source: stanleyThe (via ComicBookMovie)

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