Part of Justice League's Deathstroke Scene Was A Joss Whedon Reshoot

Justice League's final credits scene may have been worked on by both Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon. Featuring the debut of Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke and a bald Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, the stinger also teased the formation of Warner Bros.' and DC Films' movie version of the Legion of Doom on the heels of officially uniting World's Finest Heroes.

Fans know that much of that end-credits bit was Snyder's idea as it's been revealed via concept boards that the filmmaker created himself and posted a year ago, unlike its mid-credits stinger which was totally Whedon's brainchild. But as it turns out, Whedon may have also done some last minute changes in the scene to properly cater to the world-building goal of Warner Bros. and DC Films.

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Interesting information coming from cinematographer Simon Firsht’s reel video posted on his official YouTube channel is implying that Whedon may have something to do with the particular stinger. While it's already been established that Snyder filmed the scene on location in Monte Carlo as proved by his social media post featuring a black and white image of Manganiello's Deathstroke, the scene clapper for Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor close-up during the interaction suggests that Whedon shot that particular scene. Perhaps, it's to change some of his dialog that would be more geared toward hinting at a possible Legion of Doom spinoff just as what many have assumed after having watched the sequence.

Deathstroke in Justice League

To be perfectly honest, the edit on that stinger was seamless, it's almost hard to believe that parts of it were shot by Snyder, while others were done by Whedon. It's especially impressive considering that throughout the film, it was pretty obvious which sequences were filmed by who because of their clashing approach to the work, not to mention the obvious CGI blunder on Henry Cavill's Superman. But this poses the question if Justice League would've been more cohesive if it wasn't rushed given the aforementioned scene.

Aside from giving DC fans another thing to mull over, this new detail also sheds light on the extensive work that Whedon did on Justice League. It's presumed that before Snyder's public exit from the project, he finished principal photography, and when reshoots kicked in, Whedon not only re-did major sequences, but also the smaller parts of the flick, including something as simple as changing/adding Lex's lines in the end-credits.

At this point, both Snyder and Whedon are no longer actively involved in the DCEU (except from Snyder's producing credits for in forthcoming films), but their work will arguably have a lasting impression on the franchise considering that they both worked on what would've been the series' first culminating film establishing Warner Bros.' superhero shared universe.

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Source: Simon Firsht

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