Justice League Concept Art Reveals Young Darkseid Invading Earth

Concept art from Justice League reveals a young Darkseid's first attempt to conquer Earth. The Zack Snyder era of the DC Extended Universe is effectively finished. He directed Man of SteelBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and (technically) Justice League. The latter was changed dramatically as filming began and then even more so after he exited the project following the death of his daughter. This meant that Snyder's larger five-movie plan was scrapped in favor of Warner Bros.' interest of building a true cinematic universe.

Even though his days with DC are behind him, Snyder has been a constant source of information about his original plans. He recently confirmed one of Batman's lines in Justice League was teasing the arrival of Darkseid, who was previously scheduled to make an appearance in Justice League. The movie never went to Apokolips or mentioned its ruler by name, let alone had him appear. But, some recently revealed photos show murals from a deleted scene that teased Darkseid's history in the universe.

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Twitter user @MehToAll seems to have found a connection between the mural art and previous concept art from Justice League. The first image in the tweet below is from the murals, which showed humans, Atlanteans, and Amazonians charging towards a figure who was believed to be either Darkseid or Steppenwolf - Justice League's actual villain. When paired with this piece of concept art for the movie, it looks to be a young version of Darkseid who is at the center of this war.

These two images back up prior lines of thinking and even reveal one of the ways that Snyder planned to include Darkseid in Justice League. An appearance as his younger self through the history lesson would've been an easy way to introduce audiences and Wonder Woman (who can then tell the other heroes) to Darkseid. Snyder was building towards the ruler of Apokolopis being the main villain in his Justice League 2, with the first film's original ending reportedly putting Steppenwolf back at the mercy of Darkseid.

Unfortunately for fans interested in seeing Snyder's larger vision play out, more revelations like these and teases from Snyder will be the closest we get to seeing where he planned to take the DCEU. We think we have a pretty good idea of the overall story he was going to tell, but the execution of it all is something that will likely never pan out. Not only is Snyder all but done with DC, but Warner Bros. is moving beyond his take - and are reportedly willing to leave Snyder's Batman and Superman behind to do so. As a result, the possible future implications of Snyder's Darkseid introduction in Justice League will go unseen.

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Source: MehToAll

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