Justice League: Was Darkseid Responsible for Chernobyl Disaster?

Chernobyl has been spotted in the latest batch of Justice League photos, thus leading to speculation that Darkseid and the New Gods could have had something to do with the catastrophic disaster. For those that don't know, the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Pripyat, Ukraine, had gone into meltdown following a test on one of its reactors in 1986. The sudden power excursion and subsequent fires eventually resulted in the plant going into full meltdown. Pripyat was immediately evacuated and a 30-mile exclusion zone has since been established around the site.

The site has been included in numerous stories since the nuclear meltdown occurred and has appeared in several movies over the years, such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Chernobyl Diaries, and A Good Day To Die Hard. And now, it appears that the site may make another appearance in Justice League next month. Ever since the first official trailer debuted earlier this year, people have assumed that what appears to be the final battle takes place around the Chernobyl disaster site, and thanks to new photos, those people may, in fact, be right.

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Empire released a new batch of Justice League photos yesterday, and one of them (below) prominently featured Batman and Wonder Woman in the Batcave, sitting and standing in front of the Batcomputer. In addition to spotting the Armored Batsuit as well as Alfred Pennyworth in the background, eagle-eyed viewers noticed evidence of Chernobyl appearing in the movie on the screen behind Wonder Woman. Upon closer inspection, it's quite clear that the top photo is the Pripyat Amusement Park, located just a few miles away from the disaster site.

The photo effectively confirms Chernobyl's inclusion in the film, and it provides further evidence that it's the site of the movie's presumed final battle, which takes place under red skies in the movie's trailers. Of course, now that we know the site is included in the film, the question is, why? Why would the newly-formed superhero team have to duke it out with Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons at Chernobyl?

Considering that this is a comic book movie, there are numerous possible explanations. It's possible that Chernobyl exists above the site of the New Gods' first war with Earth, depicted in the movie's prologue sequence. It's also possible that it's where one of the Boom Tube generators is located, that connects Earth to Apokolips. Another possibility, that would follow many other sci-fi stories, is that Darkseid and his Mother Boxes were actually responsible for the nuclear meltdown in the first place. Of course, we won't know the answer until Justice League hits theaters in November.

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Source: Empire

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