Justice League Dark Script is Being Reworked

The latest Justice League Dark update claims the DC film is headed back to the drawing board as Warner Bros. and New Line seek to rework the script. For a number of years, fans expected to see the characters of Justice League Dark brought to life courtesy of dark fantasy director Guillermo del Toro. But after an extended time working on the labor of love, the auteur departed the project to be replaced by Doug Liman. Earlier this year, however, Liman also left the film after not connecting with the story.

With so many shake-ups in management for Justice League Dark, many fans were surprised when DC announced the film as part of its upcoming film slate. Though rumors of the movie filming after Aquaman have been floated for months, the inclusion of Justice League Dark with other prominent DC and WB films seemed to indicate the project was on track. Now, however, it seems the movie is still stuck in purgatory.

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Justin Kroll of Variety sent out a tweet claiming that Warner Bros. and New Line are unhappy with the presentations they've seen so far from a number of potential directors. As a result, they're planning to have the script reworked completely in an effort to move the film in a new direction.

JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK update: Studio Back to work on script after recent presentations by directors underwhelmed execs

— Justin Kroll (@krolljvar) August 23, 2017

Since the departure of Liman, rumors have swirled as to who could take over Justice League Dark. Reports have indicated IT director Andrés Muschietti and acclaimed foreign director Damián Szifron are both in consideration, and they could be among the directors who presented to the studios. So far, however, nothing concrete has manifested.

As for the script, relative unknown Michael Gilio was brought on board to write when Liman was named director. Presumably, Gilio is still involved, but we could see a new writer brought in for rewrites. Most blockbuster films these days feature a number of different writers and go through at least one major rewrite, so the move isn't unusual.

At this point, it's difficult to tell what shape Justice League Dark is in and when we might expect to see it released. The DCEU has had all sorts of trouble getting many of their tentpole films completed, with JLD now mirroring the prolonged production of Marvel's Ant-Man. Hopefully, the rewrite will help move things forward and a new director can be chosen. In the meantime, fans can get their Justice League Dark fix via the recent animated film DC released.

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Source: Justin Kroll

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