Justice League Dark Movie May Include the Shadowpact Team

The latest rumors about DC's live-action Justice League Dark movie suggest that Jon Spaihts' script includes a cameo from the Shadowpact team.

Shadowpact Justice League Dark

With DC's live-action Justice League Dark film still clawing its way out the depths of development hell, a recent draft of the long-awaited movie's script may include a trip to the Oblivion Bar and a cameo from the fan-favorite Shadowpact team.

The likes of Guillermo del Toro and Doug Liman were once attached to Justice League Dark since its announcement back in 2012, and although the odd bit of concept art has made its way online, little else is known about where the film is up to. Writer Jon Spaihts has worked on his own draft of the script, which may include some notable appearances from the magic-based heroes at their usual stomping ground - Eddie Deacon’s pocket dimension bar.

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According to ThatHashtagShow, Spaihts' script takes the titular League of Zatanna, Swamp Thing, John Constantine, and co. to Oblivion, where eagle-eyed fans may spot the Shadowpact. Although the Shadowpact won't interact with the League, it sets the stage for their return in the future. Supposed to only be a background nod to the Shadowpact team, the site reports that Detective Chimp, Doctor Fate, Black Orchid, Pandora, and the Phantom Stranger will all be in attendance.

Established by Enchantress, Ragman, and Detective Chimp back in 2005's limited series Day of Vengeance, Shadowpact then got a two-year run from 2006 with an impressive roster of heroes who champion a lost cause. Someone like Detective Chimp could help amp up the lighter tone of DC movies even in a horror-based feature like JLD, but perhaps the biggest name to grace the rumor is Doctor Fate. The gold-helmeted hero has always been expected to pop up somewhere in live-action DC movies, and Justice League Dark could be his doorway into the franchise.

It is important to remember that the appearance of Shadowpact is set to be nothing more than a minor part in the main storyline, but just imagine the Hollywood glitterati that could be cast as Chimp, Fate, Orchid, Pandora, and the Phantom Stranger. Apparently learning from the likes of the MCU with the role the "original" Guardians of the Galaxy played in Vol.2, a minor appearance of the Shadowpact could set these characters up for an expanded role in a possible Justice League Dark sequel or even their own spinoff.

There have been a lot of question marks hanging over Justice League Dark's troubled development process, but when the movie made it onto Warner Bros.' revamped slate of DC movies in November, fans of the occult offshoot were relieved to find out it was still moving forward. While the Shadowpact news is all rumor at the moment, it certainly sounds like something that could be weaved into Spaihts' script to help expand the untitled DCEU. As the search for a director goes on, there now seems to be plenty to brighten up the dark days of Justice League Dark.

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Source: THS

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