We still have another year to wait for the highly anticipated next (first?) chapter in Warner Bros. and DC’s own cinematic universe in the form of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and while we know that the Supervillain All-Star jam called Suicide Squad will follow, there is one particularly fascinating outlier in the DCU which remains mysterious: Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark film, titled Dark Universe.

Dark Universe did not show up on DC’s shared universe release schedule, but according to del Toro, this take on the mystical side of things is very much a part of the DCU continuity. Now that the finished script is with Warner Bros., fans have been expecting some sort of update. Specifically, which characters should we expect to see?

According to Latino Review‘s El Mayimbe, we could see some classic and expected members of the JLD. Here’s the tweet:

So John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman and Jason Blood are potentially on the Justice League Dark roster; no big surprise there. Missing from the list are some other characters associated with the supernatural realm of the DC Universe such as JLD members Madame Xanadu, Frankenstein and Shade the Changing Man; ghostly vigilante The Spectre is not named, nor is the ever-speculated about Swamp Thing.

As always, take all this with plenty of salt, since there are no sources named and nothing official from the studio.

Justice League Dark Annual Rumor Patrol: Guillermo del Toros Justice League Dark Characters Revealed?

That said, we’ve known for a while that John Constantine would be a big part of this movie. The inclusion of occult expert Jason Blood is in line with Guillermo del Toro’s previous name drop of Etrigan the Demon, who is bonded to Blood. Seeing magician Zatanna Zatara’s name is not a surprise either, given her longtime romantic association with Constantine. Plus, the character has a childhood association with Bruce Wayne/Batman, which could play into the movie.

The naming of “Brand/Deadman” might allude to an origin story for the character in del Toro’s script, since Boston Brand is the superhero’s identity when he was human. A violent, alcoholic trapeze artist in life, Deadman was shot by an assassin and forced to use his possession powers to fight evil.

Justice League Dark versus demonic beasties Rumor Patrol: Guillermo del Toros Justice League Dark Characters Revealed?

With Shazam on its way (and Marvel’s Doctor Strange set to introduce the MCU’s magical dimensions), expanding the mystical side of the DC Universe with Dark Universe always sounded like a good idea, despite the lingering questions surrounding the place of Vertigo characters (such as Sandman) within the DCU. Fans of the Justice League Dark will no doubt be excited, but it remains unclear just where and how the supernatural heroes will fit into the continuity established by Man of Steel.

We won’t see Shazam until 2019, and while we’ve heard more about Dark Universe than the former Captain Marvel, one would expect DC/Warners to introduce their magical universe with their (arguably) best-known magical superhero. Still, if this JLD roster is officially confirmed, we might see Dark Universe sooner rather than later.

Justice League Dark/Dark Universe currently has no release date.

Source: Latino Review

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