Justice League Dark: Damián Szifron Reportedly Being Eyed to Direct

Justice League Dark

Warner Bros. is actively searching for a new director for Justice League Dark and reportedly are considering Argentine filmmaker Damián Szifron. The reason behind the sudden director search comes after Doug Liman exited Justice League Dark due to scheduling conflicts. Even though the project does not have a release date, WB is apparently eager to get the project moving forward. They have approached big names in the past for their DCEU films, but that does not look to be the path they want to take Justice League Dark.

Immediately after Liman's departure, word got out that the director of this year's IT reboot Andres Muschietti was one of the names said to be in consideration. At the time, it was clear that other names were also in the mix, but no others were revealed to the public. However, the director of Wild Tales also appears to be in the running.

On Meet the Movie Press, host Jeff Sneider added Szifron's name to the Justice League Dark mix. Szifron has yet to do any Hollywood studio films and instead has made a name for himself with foreign language tales. However, each of his films have been well-received critically. Even though Sneider threw Szifron's name into this mix, he does believe that Muschietti has a better chance at getting the job given his established connection with WB thanks to IT.

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There may still be a very real possibility that neither Muschietti or Szifron land the job, it does show a willingness from WB and DC Films to think outside the box with their hires. They have assembled quite the talented group of directors to this point, but have also largely targeted established names within the business. This would be a big career boost for either Muschietti or Szifron, so they would surely take the project seriously to further establish themselves in the industry.

The interesting thing about the director search (seemingly) being a high priority for the studio at this point is the indication that WB wants to make this film happen sooner rather than later. Unlike previously announced projects like The FlashGreen Lantern Corps, or CyborgJustice League Dark appears to be in a similar group with Nightwing and Batgirl as projects WB has high priorities on. This could be part of a large, unknown plan they've crafted to build this universe, otherwise they just continue to add more projects with directors than they can reasonably shoot. Hopefully WB and DC will make their plans and slate beyond Aquaman much more clear in the coming months.

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Justice League Dark is currently in development but does not have a release date.

Source: Meet the Movie Press

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