Justice League Promo Images Tease New Cyborg Details

New promo images from Justice League highlight the nighttime view of the DC universe, while offering up the first look at Cyborg's interface. Heading into Justice League, audiences should be prepared for plenty of fresh ideas to join the growing cinematic universe of DC characters. This will include the true introductions to a few future Justice Leaguers, with audiences now getting to properly meet Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Flash (Ezra Miller), and Cyborg (Ray Fisher).

Of the trio, Cyborg is the one that general audiences may be least familiar with. While he has served as the face of the Teen Titans for a younger audience for years now, he's gotten little to no exposure on the big screen; not to mention, Fisher is making his own big screen debut here, in some ways. Nevertheless, he's continued to be a steady part of the Justice League marketing up to this point - and now, fans can literally see what he sees in the film.

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A new batch of promo images from Justice League has popped up on Imgur, highlighting the many different settings that the film's heroes occupy. While we've seen many of these locales before (Gotham City, Themyscira, etc.), it is the image from Victor Stone's POV that seems the most noteworthy of the collection. While it is unclear exactly where he is in this photo, the red tint and display pop ups give fans the first chance to see the world through Cyborg's interface.

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Cyborg's display is full of information for the young hero to digest all at once. Some of the data appears to be about his health, and more specifically his heart, nervous system, and maybe even his brain. The rest of the data is not visible enough to decipher, though this image shows him scanning the moon specifically. Seeing as this is just a promo image, the actual movie may not include any POV shots like this one - though with a database of information at his disposal at all times, one can certainly see how Cyborg will prove handy during Justice League.

Outside of the look at Cyborg's display, the focus on the moon here is something to take notice of. Could that be where Steppenwolf is holding his forces in the film, setting the stage for an eventual off-world fight between the Justice League and the former's parademon army? Possibly. Whether or not the moon actually plays a significant role in the movie may be yet another question that remains unanswered until Justice League itself hits theaters in November.

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Source: Warner Bros. Pictures [via Imgur]

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