New Justice League Concept Art Arrives With Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition

New Justice League concept art Batman V Superman

After having one of the more polarizing theatrical runs in recent memory, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is about to enter the conversation again with the release of the 3 hour "Ultimate Edition" on home media. Looking to clear up any confusion regarding the film's various subplots and characters, the extended cut has the potential to change how people view the DC Extended Universe launching pad for the better as Warner Bros. gets the ball rolling on Justice League.

Speaking of the first DC team-up film, the studio grabbed control of the narrative early by putting together an unprecedented early set visit to share a plethora of details. Promising that Dawn of Justice is the darkest the franchise will get, what was shown during the event encouraged many that Justice League could be a fun, accessible blockbuster that brings together DC's most iconic superheroes. As fans check out the Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition, more goodies about Justice League have been revealed.

The greatest thrill for viewers is to finally see the metahumans of the DCEU join forces against a common enemy. There still hasn't been an official cast photo of the group together, so moviegoers have had to make do with pieces of concept art depicting the League standing side by side. The premiere of Batman V Superman on home media brings with it a new image, which is a rendering of the six heroes in costume. Check it out below:

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