Justice League: Statue Art Offers New Look At Batman's Suits [Updated]

Ben Affleck as Batman in Justice League

Ben Affleck has a chance to deliver a continuation of his surprisingly strong turn as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice when he takes the lead in Justice League. As Batman seeks to unite fellow superheroes in the wake of Superman’s sacrifice, Affleck’s performance is going to be crucial to the success of the movie - and, as always, the look of Batman’s suit is also of interest.

Thanks to another new release, it’s becoming clearer how Batman will look in Justice League. Concept artist Patricio Ruales is listed on his official website as a “3D character modeler and illustrator” and has shared several other concepts for Batman and other superheroes that look similar to what he shared on Wednesday. His work appears to be close to Batman’s final look.

Ruales shared a picture of three new Batman designs on his Twitter account on Wednesday. Labeled an “In Development Preview” of a “Premium Motion Statue” series of designs, the concepts show Batman in both his “standard” and “tactical” suits as they are could appear in Justice League. The photo is littered with D.C. trademarks and the designs are noted as “not final.” Take a look:

— Patricio Ruales (@patokali) February 8, 2017

Despite both being shown in all gray, the two Batman suits have noticeable differences in their designs. Batman’s standard suit is more detailed in the fabric than the sleeker, more streamlined tactical suit. The most striking difference is between the two cowls; the standard suit features a more classical look than the more protective cowl of the tactical suit. The color render of the standard suit is likely to be the closest to how Batman will look in the final cut.

It appears that Justice League is going for a marriage of modern technological designs and the classic Batman look with the way he will look. The two official photos from the movie revealed so far have shown Batman in each of his suits, but not to the level of clarity or quality that confirms his overall design. The color rendering does look similar when compared to the photo of Batman uniting the group, while the first official photo appears to be the tactical suit.

It’s unclear how close the designs shared by Ruales on Wednesday really are to the finished product that will appear in Justice League, but there are definite similarities. The non-color 3D concepts don’t necessarily offer anything new in terms of Batman’s expected look, but it is interesting to see the suit in a bare, textual state before color and detail were added. Ruales’ Twitter account is worth following for Batman concepts related to Justice League and any further looks at what to expect from Batman’s final look.

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Source: Patricio Ruales/Twitter

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