Justice League Concept Art Reveals Unused Batcycle

Justice League's production designer Patrick Tatopoulos has just unveiled a sketch design for an unused Batcycle design for the film.

Batpod from The Dark Knight

Justice League’s production designer Patrick Tatopoulos has just released a sketch for an unused Batcycle design. Justice League has been something of a troubled production for Warner Bros. The movie was tweaked during filming after the mixed response to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, after numerous complaints that the movie was too dark and gloomy. Zack Snyder then had to step aside from the film following a family tragedy, leading to Joss Whedon stepping in to oversee extensive reshoots and editing.

The resulting movie feels like an uneasy clash between two distinct filming styles, which isn’t helped by the choppy pacing and substandard CGI present during certain sequences. Fans were so dissatisfied with the film they’ve launched a petition for the studio to allow Zack Snyder to release his original, unaltered director’s cut. Justice League also received the lowest domestic opening of a DC Extended Universe film, which has raised questions about the direction the studio will take the franchise in response.

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At least the movie's design work looked great, and now Patrick Tatopoulos has unveiled a sketch on his Instagram account for an unused Batcycle design. Batman uses several cool new toys in Justice League, from the spider-like tank the Knightcrawler to his massive aircraft The Flying Fox. What’s immediately obvious about Tatopoulos unused Batcycle concept is that it has no wheels, with the production designer explaining it would have been powered by jet turbines. Check out his unique design below.

BATBIKE? ...I wish. Another quick doodle on the side of my dreams. #patricktatopoulosdesigns #justiceleague #batman #dc #bike #superbike #motorcycle #design #sexy #dark #fashion

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Justice League’s disappointing critical and commercial performance will almost certainly have a knock-on effect on the future DC movie slate. James Wan’s Aquaman is already in the can, and a Wonder Woman sequel is assured due to the character's popularity, but the studio will likely make adjustments to their plans. Many believe the solo Flash movie Flashpoint will be used as a chance to soft reboot the entire universe, with Ezra Miller himself teasing the film could yield major changes for the franchise.

There’s also the question of Ben Affleck’s continued participation. The star stepped aside from writing and directing The Batman earlier in 2017, leading to Matt Reeves taking over the project. There have been recent reports linking Jake Gyllenhaal to the role should Affleck depart, but until something official is announced, that’s just a rumor. The actor was also said to be disappointed with the reception of Batman V Superman, so it’s doubtful the lukewarm response to Justice League will improve his mindset. It would be a shame for Affleck to step aside before doing a solo movie, but his involvement will likely depend on the film have a killer script.

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