Justice League's Commissioner Gordon Is An Ex-Marine

Justice League - Bat-signal and Gordon (J.K. Simmons)

Actor J.K. Simmons has confirmed that Commissioner Gordon will be a former Marine in Justice League, as per the comic source material, and has also spoken about his character's status as Gotham City's second favorite bastion as justice. Due for release later this month, Justice League promises to unite Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Cyborg, Aquaman and Flash against the evil Steppenwolf. Naturally, this means that the world of the Caped Crusader will collide with Wonder Woman's Amazonians and Superman's love interest, Lois Lane.

A key figure in the movie from Batman lore is Commissioner James Gordon who will be portrayed in Justice League by J.K. Simmons, an actor perhaps most famous to comic book fans for his iconic turn as J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. Simmons had the entire DCEU fandom talking when shortly after his casting, pictures emerged of the actor buffing-up considerably, although the man himself has since stressed that this decision was a personal one, rather than specifically connected to his future job as Gotham City's police chief.

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Despite this, Simmons maintains that fans will see the full intensity of the Jim Gordon character in Justice League which is due in part to his status as an ex-Marine. In the Justice League: Official Collectors Edition tie-in magazine, Simmons claims:

"My take on Commissioner Gordon is that he's a badass but that's an under-appreciated part of who he is, because he's eclipsed by the ultimate badass, Batman. But Gordon is a tough ex-Marine, who worked his way up and can handle himself in the turf of bad guys. Compared to Batman, he's just a regular guy, but compared to most people, he's a champion."

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Bruce Wayne/Batman actor Ben Affleck went on to add:

"J.K. lands a real gravitas to the role. He's got that kind of realism down, where he's just so world weary and gritty. Here's a guy that's been working the beat of Gotham for decades."

The fact that Gordon will have his traditional background in Justice League is something that will no doubt please comic book purists. Many of the criticisms leveled at comic book adaptations - whether on TV or the big screen - derive from changes made to the comic book source material, so the fact that J.K.'s Jim Gordon will have the characteristic toughness associated with his traditional background can only be a positive sign.

Interestingly, this is an aspect of the Commissioner Gordon figure that was somewhat played down during the character's last big screen outing. Gary Oldman's turn as the world-weary cop in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy was much-lauded but despite the odd tussle and gunfight, was a less physical interpretation of the character than it seems will be depicted in Justice League.

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Source: Justice League: Official Collectors Edition

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