The Justice League's New Villain is a DC Super-Fan

The Justice League face a villain unlike any before in our preview of Issue 39 - a superfan demanding the 'true' version of the heroes.

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS up to Justice League #39


The worst villain the Justice League has ever faced is... their biggest Fan? That's the story currently unfolding in the superteam's own comic series, finally showing what happens when someone gets the upper hand on DC's finest heroes. And at a time when the world is questioning the legality and ethics of Earth's heroes in general... the rise of a man who knows their deepest secrets (and seems like a psychotic superfan) is the last thing the team needs.

In our preview of Justice League #39, things have yet to turn around for the heroes. Thankfully, the team seems to have bounced back from The Fan's surprise attack, scrambling each of them to a different location on Earth. But the true mystery and mission of The Fan is still waiting to be solved. The bodycount of people framed as the League's victims continues to grow, as The Fan puts on another new, Aquaman-inspired costume... and urges Arthur Curry to become a stronger hero on his own.

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It's a troubled time all around for DC's Justice Leagues: this deranged fanboy has launched a plan years in the making, not long after the League disbanded the Titans for making similar mistakes. Strained relationships have shattered, leaving Batman off the League, and The Fan moving on to the next phase of his plan. But before the story leaps forward, Justice League #39 shows that The Fan may have paid a personal visit to each Justice Leaguer. Planting seeds of doubt that are only NOW beginning to sprout.

Take a look at the preview pages below:

It's hard to know if The Fan's new design is intentional, and he is breaking the fourth wall by dressing up like Jason Momoa's Aquaman to taunt Arthur. But it may be another clue to his manic methodology. After first taking Simon Baz hostage, The Fan regaled the new Green Lantern with his love for the original, Hal Jordan. calling Simon and the other successors "imitators," The Fan dressed up as Hal to commit another murder to tar the League's reputation.

With these pages, it seems that he views the rougher, gruffer Aquaman of the 1990s as the "original" that Aquaman should strive to be. But again, it's hard to understand anything about The Fan's motives or ultimate goal... yet. Issue #39 begins "days before" the team reunited after being scattered, suggesting that The Fan's words to Arthur - suggesting some people don't deserve to be saved, and that his current 'hero' status weakens him - may inform what happens next.

The story being crafted by writer Christopher Priest still has many issues left to go, but the twists and turns (and the new Fan costumes) are already delivering some unexpected treats. Check out a full synopsis for the issue below:


Published: February 21, 2018

Writer: Christopher Priest

Art: Ian Churchill, Alex Sollazzo

Cover Artist: Paul Pelletier, Cam Smith & Adriano Lucas

“The People vs. Justice League” part six! An environmental disaster unites both Justice League teams as Cyborg faces the first test of his leadership while still being overshadowed by Batman. Meanwhile, the Green Lanterns struggle with internal conflicts while being recruited by a mysterious visitor for an unspecified deep-space mission.

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Justice League #39 hits local comic shops and digital services on February 21, 2018.

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