Justice League: DCEU Fan Fixes Maligned Lois & Clark Scene

A new Justice League fan-edit fixes the problematic editing of Clark Kent and Lois Lane's romantic reunion over at Kent's farmhouse. More than six months after the film's release, the film continues to be a favorite topic of conversation among fans and in the geek culture community in general. Over the course of its production, the Warner Bros. project has gone through some very public setbacks. From rumors of numerous rewrites, the controversial director switch, even until after the film's release, it was marred by several controversies including Henry Cavill's poorly-removed mustache via CGI.

The scene in question is Clark and Lois Lane's interaction shortly after the former's resurrection and intense fight with the rest of the Justice League. Set in the Kent farm, a part of the scene was prominently used in the final trailer of the film where Clark asked his girlfriend about the ring she was wearing - the one he was supposed to use to properly propose to her as seen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Unfortunately, not only was the specific scene not included in the final cut of Justice League, the reshot parts of those who sequence looked like it had an inorganic orange filter that made it jarring to look at.

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However, thanks to YouTube content creator TheRFB 09, not only was the scene where the two talk about the ring has been seamlessly added to their full interaction in the final cut of the film, the whole sequence no longer has the too prominent orange filter. The render was made possible by brightening the footage to maintain continuity throughout the entire clip using Adobe Premiere Pro. Check out the video above.

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent and Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Justice League

It's no secret that Justice League went through extensive reshoots just a few months before it hit theaters. Following original helmsman Zack Snyder's high profile exit due to a personal tragedy, Warner Bros. brought in former Marvel filmmaker Joss Whedon to oversee reshoots. Unfortunately, the two's visual styles cannot be any more different, making it easy to pinpoint which scenes were directed by Snyder and which ones were helmed by Whedon, although Cavill's mustache situation was also a good indicator.

This is also what the Release the Snyder Cut campaign stemmed from. Vocal and loyal fans of Snyder have been relentlessly asking Warner Bros. to release all the Justice League footage which the director solely worked on - regardless if some of the scenes aren't finished with the necessary CGI work. While chances of that happening anytime soon are slim, the director's following isn't deterred. If anything, Snyder's continues revelation of the bigger plan he had in mind for the DCEU only fuels his fans' drive to want to see his cut of the film.

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Source: TheRFB 09/YouTube

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