Justice League DP Supports Snyder Cut, Not Game of Thrones Remake

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Cinematographer Fabian Wagner has officially voiced his support for releasing the "Snyder Cut" of Justice League. Zack Snyder stepped away from directing duties on Justice League in the aftermath of a family tragedy, with the film undergoing significant reshoots in his absence. While Warner Bros. insisted that these were typical pick-ups given to most blockbusters, the version of Justice League released into theaters proved to be a drastic divergence from Snyder's vision.

Two years later, and the "Snyder Cut" has still remained a major point of conversation amongst the DC fanbase. Recently, the film's cinematographer Fabian Wagner dropped never-before-seen images from the film on social media, only sparking more interest in Snyder's secret version. On top of that, Aquaman star Jason Momoa recently confirmed that he had seen the cut, boasting Snyder's version on social media. Now, Wagner's ready to add more fuel to the Snyder Cut fire.

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Wagner's perspective on the "Snyder Cut" came during an interview with Comic Book Debate, in which he shared some behind-the-scenes stories of making the film as Snyder's director-of-photography. Wagner also commended the very public efforts of DC fans lobbying Warner Bros. for the release of the "Snyder Cut", and the movement's charitable campaigns towards suicide prevention. He explained that, "As a fan, and the guy who worked with Zack on Justice League, and who shot it, yeah. I mean, f-ck, I would love to see Zack's film," adding in that he thinks, "the Release the Snyder Cut movement is incredible." Wagner also gave his thoughts on the fan campaign lobbying HBO to remake the final season of the network's long-running series, Game of Thrones, on which he also served as director-of-photography. Wagner said he was "disappointed" by the campaign, but felt it was outweighed by the privilege of working on the long-running and highly popular series.

The Game of Thrones campaign made its rounds on the internet earlier this year when the show's final season was airing on HBO. A fan petition called for the network to remake the series' final season with new writers. The petition ended up passing 1 million signatures, but HBO has made it clear that nothing will come of it. Regardless of its divisive final season, Game of Thrones still garnered a record-breaking 32 Emmy nominations and has a prequel series still confidently moving forward at the network.

Given Wagner's direct involvement in both Justice League and Game of Thrones, his words should provide some much-needed perspective on the kind of grassroots fan campaigns both properties have inspired. With regard to the "Snyder Cut" movement specifically, Wagner can now be counted as the latest of the film's cast and crew to vocally support the cut's release. That, coupled with both his and Zack Snyder's social media teases, is sure to just add more fuel to the fire in the efforts of DC fans to convince Warner Bros. to release the "Snyder Cut" of Justice League, an initiative that the studio alone has the power to authorize (as Snyder himself has made clear.)

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Source: Comic Book Debate

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