Justice League’s Original Chris Terrio Script Teased By Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder teases fans of the original Justice League script - the one he wrote with Chris Terrio. Warner Bros. and DC's ensemble flick was marred by production hurdles that include a last minute director switch after Snyder had to leave due to personal tragedy. This led to Joss Whedon taking over extensive reshoots and post-production. But even before the film started filming, changes in its narrative were made.

Kicking off the DC Extended Universe in 2013 via Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill as the title character and Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Snyder was tasked to establish the foundation of the budding superhero franchise. He directed 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice which introduced the rest of the League in preparation for their own film. At that point, Snyder had a five-film plan for the film series, and next on his docket is the ensemble flick that he was actively writing the narrative with Terrio. That script never made into production, and now the filmmaker is teasing fans with its existence.

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Taking it to his official Vero account, Snyder posted a simple image of his desk with his laptop and camera, but looking closely at the photo, one will notice a folder beside his computer is a folder that reads "JL 15/4/16 ZS." Given the date in the label (April 15, 2016), this Justice League script was written before it was rewritten after the release of Batman v Superman. Check out the photo below:

Not much is known with regard to this version of Justice League since it didn't even make it into filming. However based on Snyder's comments, much of his story was going to be based on the Knightmare sequence in Batman v Superman, paving the way for the Anti-Life equation to be at play. With that alone, fans get an idea that it was going to be a much darker and grittier film than what ended up on the big screen. Snyder himself even described this script as "the really scary version." Concept art for this iteration backs up this idea. The response Batman v Superman received, however, forced them to re-evaluate this route, eventually going for a softer approach. And when the story got in the hands of Whedon, he went further resulting in the movie's theatrical cut.

So far, Snyder has only been releasing bits and pieces of information and artwork in relation to the version of Justice League that he filmed dubbed as the Snyder Cut. However, with his new social media post, it's not outside the realm of possibility that he's also planning on sharing some details with regard to the first version of the movie. In any case, fans are just looking forward to anything related to his initial vision for the DCEU, so it's safe to say that regardless of any new thing he reveals, his ardent supporters will be happy about it.

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Source: Zack Snyder

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