Watch the Justice League Cast Use Their Own Photo Filters

A new video shows the cast of Justice League having fun with some new photo filters from the movie. This past weekend has been a big one for Justice League. With the movie hitting theaters in a little over a month, promotion has been ramping up in recent weeks.

From the bond between Cyborg and Aquaman to Ben Affleck discussing what sets Batman apart from the rest of the League, we've gotten a much better idea of what the character interactions will be like in Justice League thanks to the recent coverage of the film. The biggest news, however, came with the debut of the final Justice League trailer online, yesterday morning. In it, we got an even better look at the eponymous team's banter, saw a good bit of the film's action, and even received more hints of the Parademons' origin in the movie. Now, with the larger pieces of marketing out of the way, Justice League is being promoted by its cast and crew in a more light-hearted fashion.

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A new video posted by the Justice League Twitter account (see the clip below) teases the film's new Facebook Masks. As the social media giant's answer to Snapchat photo filters, the new feature lets fans don the costumes of the five core Justice League members. Of course, it's a lot more fun when the cast themselves use it.

For the most part, the filters look pretty good. The exception, to comical effect, is the Batman filter. Not only does Ezra Miller look fairly silly in the filter, but even Ben Affleck can't pull it off. Interestingly, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher looks the best. From there, we get to see the rest of the cast having fun, including Gal Gadot embracing her inner Atlantean.

Though the last big trailer for the movie has been released, expect a lot more of these smaller bits of promotion for Justice League. These sorts of promotions are commonplace for superhero movies nowadays, allowing studios to emphasize the more playful side of their epic, big-budget tentpoles. Trailer for Justice League emphasis the film's massive scale and high stakes, but videos of the cast playing around will help to wash away concerns that the movie takes itself too seriously. Even Batman looks to be having fun in Justice League.

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Source: Justice League Twitter Account

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