Justice League Cast Addresses Reshoot Rumors

During the midst of the San Diego Comic-Con Hall H panel for Justice Leaguethe cast took the time to quell any fears on the status of the film following reshoots and the change in director late into production.

Most major Hollywood productions feature some sort of reshoots to help assess the status of the film in post production and fill in the gaps that principal photography left. The reshoots of Justice League, however, come under unique and tragic circumstances, as the initial director of the film Zack Snyder was forced to leave the project to spend some much needed personal time with his family after the sudden and unfortunate death of his daughter. Upon his departure, The Avengers director Joss Whedon stepped in, and while the blockbuster is in the hands of probably the most qualified person on the planet to currently helm a big superhero team-up film, some have worried that there will be a shift in tone and a lack of focus to the already crowded film.

Following the reveal of the second trailer for the film, the cast of the film took some questions from the audience in an attempt to promote the experience and get the Hall H fans amped for the film. The cast also took some time to address some rumors swirling around the film, such as Ben Affleck specifying that he has no intention to stop playing the role of Batman any time soon. When addressing the reshoots, actor Ray Fisher, who plays Victor Stone/Cyborg, assured fans that the additional photography was slight at best and that the film is in more than good hands under the eye of Joss Whedon:

"They're brief if anything. Zack picked a great director to help clean up for us."

It still remains to be seen how the shift from Whedon to Snyder will affect the final product, but the support for Snyder has been palpable at the panel, with Fisher wearing a shirt as a tribute to their director with an "I Love ZS" inscription. Snyder himself wished the cast and crew luck at the convention on Twitter yesterday. The cast and crew clearly admire the director, but are optimistic about the final product that Whedon is working on as well. In fact, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa threw a chair across the stage in excitement after he saw the new footage for Justice League for the first time.

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Source: Ray Fisher

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