10 Storylines In Justice League Canon We'd Like To See In The DCEU

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The DC Extended Universe is a baby compared to how long countless other DC universes have been around. Having started in 2013, the DCEU seems to now be very slowly picking up the pace with the well-received films of Shazam! and Aquaman. Due to this upturn in both critical and commercial success, it’s time the universe sees more stories from established universes.

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Since all these universes are set in separate canons, none of them can be considered as non-canon unless explicitly stated by DC themselves. Thus, all the storylines we saw in TV shows, comics and animated media apply. Let’s see 10 of these storylines and characters we’d like to see introduced in the DCEU.

10 AMAZO Vs The Justice League

AMAZO was an android who had the ability to duplicate any superhero’s attributes – it didn’t matter if those powers were intrinsic or a weapon of the hero. This made AMAZO impossible to beat since he replicated every hero’s abilities and held them all in tandem.

He was best seen in an episode of the DC Animated Universe, where he duplicated the powers of the entire Justice League. After being manipulated by Lex Luthor, AMAZO went on a vendetta against him, and despite every member of the entire Justice League Unlimited going against him, AMAZO wasn’t fazed. This would make for an awesome story in the DCEU since it would feature every hero in that universe, and provide more of the manipulative Lex Luthor as opposed to the clown Luthor we saw in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

9 Tower Of Babel

Batman’s contingency plans mean he’s the most dangerous Justice League member. We saw in the 2017 Justice League film that his “Big Gun” plan was Lois Lane, but this contingency was nothing compared to the “Tower of Babel” from the comics.

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In this story, Ra’s Al Ghul got his hands on the contingency plans of Batman against every Justice League hero, and he used them to completely annihilate the faction. This storyline saw the League’s trust in Batman destroyed, before which they were all shown on their knees against Ra’s. The DCEU Justice League were handily defeated by a confused Superman, but imagine them all being beaten by someone as less powerful as Ra’s, especially all due to Batman.

8 Legion Of Doom

Unfortunately for us, since Justice League was far from a critical success, we won’t be seeing a Legion of Doom story in the DCEU. The end of the film obviously was indicating toward the Legion, as Lex Luthor called Deathstroke over and had plans for others, but it won’t be happening now.

What we could’ve seen in the proposed Justice League Part Two would be the Legion of Doom – a team generally comprising Lex, Joker, and all of the archenemies of the other superheroes. This would’ve blown away all disappointments from Justice League as the chance to see all these incredible supervillains going up against the Justice League would’ve been an instant sell.

7 Crisis On Infinite Earths

When the DCEU reaches that rich variety of characters the MCU has, then the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” storyline will definitely need to be greenlit. In this comic issue, the DC Multiverse was turned upside down and the same characters interacted with different versions of themselves.

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The main universe heroes of the DC comics had to team up with different universe versions to save the complete Multiverse. By bringing this into the DCEU, we’ll have the opportunity to see multiple versions of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and everyone else. It’ll be a wonderful opportunity to mix stories up and maybe keep different universe versions in the DCEU on a permanent basis.

6 Flashpoint

This storyline has had an enormous impact on the comics in that it completely changed the timeline established for decades and led into the “New 52” series for DC – basically, every story was rebooted.

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The plot had to do with The Flash traveling to an alternate timeline where every established status quo was in disarray. For instance, Thomas Wayne was Batman. With many critics calling the DCEU a mess, the “Flashpoint” story is the perfect way to fix everything up. There are hundreds of more possibilities with this story, and they can all be used to change the dynamic of the DCEU. Plus, we might get to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Batman.


This was the most political storyline from the DCAU, and probably the best. The CADMUS arc had Amanda Waller and the government pitted against Justice League – mainly Superman – as they believed the League would go rogue and take over the world. Lex Luthor masterminded events that led to Superman being greatly discredited and even ostracized by his fellow superheroes.

With the DCEU set to be expanded in the coming years, an inevitable confrontation between the government and the League would be the perfect story to cap off every new superhero’s introduction. This would also give the DCEU a very quality plot.

4 President Luthor

Lex Luthor has been elected as president a number of times across various mediums, so there’s not one specific plot the DCEU can pick from. In the comics, Luthor looked to discredit Superman once more and pinned blame on him for a Kryptonite asteroid heading toward Earth, despite Superman not being responsible for it – leading to Superman and Batman opposing him.

Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex has never been taken seriously in the DCEU. A story that forces him to at least pretend to be a sane man will be welcomed by everyone who want the devious and clever Lex to be part of the films.

3 Evil Superman

This was where Zack Snyder was initially heading toward with his vision for the DCEU before he was fired from his role. To be fair, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was an awful film to sit through, so you can’t blame viewers for hating it. However, it was supposed to be part of a bigger picture and we saw the evil Superman in Bruce’s nightmare.

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If used right, this story could come back. In one canon from DC storylines, Superman became evil after Lois Lane was killed. Some stories have her being killed by the Joker, while some have Lex Luthor carry it out; whatever way, Superman being evil will open up many possibilities for the rest of the Justice League heroes to shine.

2 Darkseid's Invasion

The endgame for the Justice League stories in the DCEU was meant to be the invasion of Earth by Darkseid. Steppenwolf was generic to the bone, but that was because they were saving up for the real big bad, Darkseid, to take over the reins.

There’s still potential for Darkseid to arrive as people still love Superman, and the rest of the League’s individual films have so far been well received to warrant more appearances from them. Darkseid has invaded Earth in so many different stories that it’s impossible to just choose one. But the best choice would be where the heroes’ backs are against the wall and for them to use their wits to outsmart Darkseid.

1 The Justice Lords

In this story from the DCAU, the Justice League were pushed too far by Lex Luthor and resulted in the death of Flash, prompting Superman to incinerate Luthor in revenge. This led to them beginning a totalitarian regime on Earth and they became both feared and hated. It turned out these "Justice Lords" were an alternate reality version, and they crossed over to the main universe; they defeated the Justice League, following which our heroes had to rally and figure out how to beat this evil “Justice Lords” faction.

The DCEU will benefit from this as it’ll give us a story where the league will need to put up a united front. This will bring out the best in the characterization of all heroes and convey the dangers of going in too deep with good intentions.

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