Superman's Greatest Villain is Saving The DC Universe

Justice League: No Justice sees Superman's greatest enemy form a new Justice League - made of heroes AND villains to save the universe!

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Justice League: No Justice #1

Brainiac, Superman's super-intelligent enemy, has cast himself in that most unlikely of roles - hero. What's more, he's gone one step further and taken the initiative of forming his own Justice League.

While it isn't unheard of for heroes and villains to unite in the name of a higher purpose in the DC Comics Universe, this is a rare event for Brainiac, whose arrival on a planet is usually the cause of enemies putting aside their differences to oppose him. This time, however, it is Brainiac who spearheaded a truce, albeit after briefly fighting the greatest heroes of Earth in order to lure them out.

Brainiac then abducted certain key members of The Justice League, Teen Titans and Suicide Squad. All in the name of good.

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Earth's heroes are rightly skeptical when Brainiac claims to have their best interests in mind, until he agrees to be bound in Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth as he tells his tale. Brainiac explains that he foresaw no circumstance under which Superman would trust any claim of his coming to Earth in peace given their past history. Worse yet, that everyone else would have followed Superman's lead in attacking him.

This made it necessary for Brainiac to make a show of force, and abduct the heroes he needs to prevent an impending threat.

Brainiac and The Four Omega Titans

The threat Brainiac goes on to describe is The Omega Titans - four beings formed of the cosmic forces that govern the universe. Brainiac claims that at the beginning of time, The Omega Titans planted seeds of their respective energies in various worlds, planning to return later and see which of them had been the most successful in empowering lasting civilizations. Naturally once the various sentient worlds were judged they would be reabsorbed back into their founding Titan.

Though Brainiac himself possesses a similar mentality when it comes to analyzing worlds and destroying them, he preserves the history and knowledge of every world he destroys and saves at least one city from each culture in a bottle.

It remains to be seen how the concept of The Omega Titans will fit into the new cosmology DC Comics is developing for itself in the wake of Dark Nights Metal or what this may all have to do with the revelations regarding the current multiverse revealed in Doomsday Clock. We already know that the physical laws governing reality are in a state of flux, with the rules of magic changing and one Green Lantern poised to switch spectrums and draw power from ultraviolet light for a time.

Despite all this, the biggest challenge the new Justice League may face is not killing each other, with the likes of Lex Luthor and Deathstroke working alongside Superman and The Teen Titans.

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Justice League: No Justice #1 is now available from DC Comics.

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