Justice League Blu-ray Cover Art May Rule Out Alternate Cut

Leaked cover art for Justice League's Blu-ray release may rule out the possibility of an alternate cut - for now. The highly anticipated DC team-up has underwhelmed both critically and commercially in the weeks since its November 17th release. The DCEU's latest has once again left fans and critics divided, and its financial tally reflects its controversial nature. Despite reports that it would manage to dig itself out of the shared universe's box office basement, Justice League is currently back on pace to finish as the lowest earning DCEU film to date.

Justice League's underperformance has led to a whole lot of finger pointing, most notably at the studio, Warner Bros. As you're likely aware, personal issues forced Zack Snyder to step away from his directorial duties during post-production. Joss Whedon was then brought in to see the project through, undergoing an extensive reshoot process that seemed to dramatically reshape the film. That of course led to widespread petitions for a Snyder cut, a version free of studio interference. It's been a nightmare-ish release for pretty much everyone involved, to say the least.

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If you were clinging to hope that a Snyder cut (or an alternate cut of any sort, really) would be included with Justice League's Blu-Ray release, you may be disappointed by the latest development. According to Anton Volkov (TrailerTrackYahoo Movies UK), leaked cover art for the film's Blu-ray release all-but confirms that the initial home video offering will not feature any sort of alt. cut of the film. Check out the leaked cover art for yourself below.

Volkov goes on to note that this doesn't mean that an alternate version of the film won't ever come. As he mentions later on, a director's cut Blu-ray of IT (another Warner Bros. release) will drop sometime later in 2018, even though the standard Blu-ray is due out in January. Since Volkov was unable to confirm the original source, it's also possible that this isn't as legitimate as it seems. As such, it's probably wise to take this report with a grain of salt.

Justice League isn't expected to hit the home video market until March of 2018, so Warner Bros. could still course correct if they so choose. But no matter how badly the fans want it, a full-on director's cut was always pretty implausible. The studio would be undermining their own efforts (and Whedon's) if they were to drop an actual Snyder cut. That said, it would make business sense for WB to try to double dip on the DVD sales, no matter who it was that actually directs the alternate/extended material.

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Source: Anton Volkov

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