Rumor Patrol: Dwayne Johnson to Join 'Justice League' After 'Batman vs. Superman'

Recent rumors assert that Dwayne Johnson will star in the 'Justice League' movie – a project set to film back-to-back with 'Batman vs. Superman.'

Justice League Dwayne Johnson

Conventional wisdom asserts that DC Entertainment has fallen far, far behind their traditional rivals at Marvel Comics so far as feature films are concerned. With the casting of Wonder Woman in the upcoming sequel to Man of Steel (which we're still calling Batman vs. Superman), it seems likely that DC is attempting to emulate Marvel's enormously successful experiment in serialized filmmaking.

Recent flurries of rumors indicate that Batman vs. Superman may be expanding the universe established during Man of Steel even more quickly than first thought. With actor Dwayne Johnson (Fast and Furious 7) rumored to be in consideration for the role of Green Lantern, speculation has turned to a possible Justice League movie – a film that was once rumored to debut in Batman vs. Superman's 2015 slot. A new report asserts that such a movie isn't just in the plans – it may start filming the moment Batman vs. Superman wraps up production.

Latino Review shares the scoop that a Justice League film will begin filming back-to-back with Batman vs. Superman with Johnson as one of its headliners. Citing unnamed industry sources, the article puts forth the theory that DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are looking to purposefully move in on the shared-universe territory currently occupied by Marvel Comics – thus shooting Justice League soon enough for a possible 2016 release.

The story does not identify the role that Johnson is set to fill, instead noting that he would likely put in a cameo appearance during a purported cliffhanger ending for Batman vs. Superman – an ending intended to feed directly into Justice League.

Will Dwayne Johnson Join Justice League

If all of this seems a bit sketchy, it's because it is. Latino Review even notes that the report is largely "a combination of insider information and good old fashioned speculation from folks who’ve been in the game a long, long time."

Still, the idea is not without precedent – after all, the sequels for The Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean filmed back-to-back in order to best capitalize on audience anticipation. Also, given the terrific success of Marvel films in 2013, Warner Bros. must surely be chomping at the bit to get its own comic book movie universe off the ground as soon as possible.

At the same time, it's getting fairly late in the production process to suddenly declare an immediate sequel to the Man of Steel franchise. Such a move could smack of desperation on the studio's part – a nakedly cynical attempt to cash in on the current enthusiasm for superhero franchises. Whether this would actually be off-putting to audiences is up in the air.

If there's even a shred of truth to the rumor of an imminent Justice League movie, confirmation will come sooner rather than later. Groundwork on immediately filmed sequel to Batman vs. Superman would have to be set up with a quickness – and if that's the case, we'll know for sure within a few months. Stay tuned to Screen Rant in the interim, as the rumors continue to fly fast and thick about this production.


Man of Steel 2/Batman vs. Superman will fly into theaters on July 17th, 2015.

Source: Latino Review

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