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Rebooting Batman was always going to be a tall order after Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale saw enormous success with their version of The Caped Crusader in The Dark Knight trilogy, but the backlash to Ben Affleck's casting made the attempt to return Gotham's Silent Protector to the big screen again even more of an uphill battle. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice saw a very polarized critical reception, but one thing that most people could agree on was that Ben Affleck was one of the best cinematic adaptations of Batman to date.

Justice League marketing has officially kicked off with an Aquaman teaser and poster in preparation for the big trailer reveal on Saturday, and Batfleck is the second League member to get the spotlight. His brief teaser has several new shots from the film including Commissioner Gordon (obscured by the Bat-Signal lighting up), an iconic shot of Batman on a gargoyle (is there anything more Batman than that?), and a final shot revealing the reason the Batmobile is loaded with so many guns: shooting Parademons.

Batman also gets his own character poster that incidentally also shows him in a lighter bat suit with a silver emblem. More than likely, it's darker than it appears and the reflection of the light makes it even brighter. This is a look that hasn't really been seen much in the character's history, as he spends most of his time in the shadow - avoiding the light - but it's hard to deny it's a cool look. Like the Aquaman poster, this one has a call to unity at the bottom.

After his dark turn in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman is trying to redeem himself and do right by Superman by gathering a team in preparation for the invasion Lex Luthor warned him about. His only experience fighting aliens so far has been Superman, but due to his "Knightmare" vision from Batman v Superman, he may have a small idea of what to expect, equipping the Batmobile appropriately.

Despite the abundance of ordinance on the vehicle the Parademon seems to be giving him a run for his money, at least in the brief snapshot we're shown, making it abundantly clear just how important it is for him to unite the rest of the League to confront an army of Parademons - not to mention Steppenwolf. After sitting out most of the fight against Doomsday, Batman is going to need to find a way to stay relevant in a battle where he's vastly outmatched by both his allies and enemies.

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