Justice League Fan Edit Puts Batman on a Parademon Turret

Batman mans a parademon turret in a new clip from Justice League’s Black Suit Edition fan edit. By now it's an open secret Justice League was something of a nightmare behind the scenes. The critical and fan response to Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was very mixed, and the movie’s financial performance was disappointing to Warner Bros. Since the filmmaker jumped right from Batman V Superman to Justice League, there was very little time to assess the feedback, but both the studio and director insisted the next movie would be a lighter, more fun experience than its dour predecessor.

Snyder was ultimately removed from the project after his first cut was dubbed ‘unwatchable,’ and Joss Whedon (The Avengers) was brought on to rework the movie. Whedon would reshoot around half the movie, adding more humor and restructuring the plot. The final movie was a misshapen mixture of Whedon and Snyder’s style, and the movie would gross even less than Batman V Superman. Since the release of Justice League, various clips and images have shed light on just how different Snyder’s original vision for the movie was.

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Despite growing fan interest in seeing Snyder’s cut of Justice League released, it’s unlikely Warners would put up the funds to finish it. A fan named Chris Dawson has taken it upon himself to put together an ambitious new edit dubbed the Black Suit Edition, which re-edits, re-colors and re-scores much of the movie, including giving Superman the black suit he was supposed to wear in Snyder’s cut. Now Dawson has revealed a new clip from the project, which also adds a brief moment where Ben Affleck’s Batman mans a parademon turret during the final battle.

While this edit will never be a replacement for Snyder’s original edit of Justice League, it aims to give fans the next best thing. The amount of time and effort being put into this edit makes it worthy of note, with the changes made to the above clip making it closer in tone to Snyder’s intentions. Snyder himself has released various images from his cut on his Vero account, and rumors suggest he may have continued working on his own cut in his spare time. The director’s next project will be a big budget zombie movie for Netflix called Army Of The Dead.

Justice League was meant to be the movie that cemented the DCEU – but instead, it’s the project they’re looking to move on from. The success of Aquaman means the studio will be less focused on shared universe movies moving forward, and their upcoming slate includes promising projects like the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie and Shazam! It was also recently confirmed Ben Affleck is leaving The Batman, with his involvement being in doubt ever since the reception to Justice League. Matt Reeves’ movie is said to be a prequel, focusing on the early days of Affleck’s caped crusader.

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Source: Chris Dawson

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