Justice League Toy Image Highlights Batman's Cape & Cowl

Justice League: Tactical Batsuit revealed

Fans of the DC Extended Universe hungry for a new trailer for Justice League might have to wait a little while longer, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any reveals between now and then. New images for the movie have been slowly trickling out, and now Zack Snyder is giving us another Batman tease via the Vero social platform.

Batman is expected to get a few new looks in Justice League, including an armored suit with a more durable cape. We’ve already seen a few shots of his costumes in Justice League, including his more traditional suit from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in the Comic-Con footage, his tactical suit with goggles, and a 3D rendering of one of his cowls, but the picture recently released by Snyder gives us a hint of what we might be able to expect from one of these Batsuits.

To be clear, this is not a shot of an actual costume. A close examination of the picture shows dust particles that match the scale of an action figure. The fact that it comes from Snyder’s account lends credibility to the design, though. It may not be a 100% match, but the attention to detail is clear, it’s even fooled some into thinking it’s an actual shot of the life size costume. Regardless, it’s close enough to give us a good idea of the new cowl used for the movie. You can check the photo out below (hat tip Comic Book):

Batman Toy Cowl

There’s a few design choices that stand out from the cowl seen in Batman V Superman (and the Hot Toys figure modeled after it). The first difference is the more molded neck, back, and shoulders portion of the cowl. The BvS cowl had a thicker neck, lacked the muscle definition, and the lower point was cut off flat instead of coming to a tip. The second difference is the more textured cape. Obviously the cape is going to be the least consistent on a downsized model, because fabric doesn’t flow the same way at that size, but the texture is still revealing in that it also differs from the cape on the previous Hot Toys version. Considering one of the costumes is expected to have a more durable cape, this seems to match that description.

One of the big goals of designing the cape and cowl for Batman V Superman was to ensure that Affleck could easily move his head and neck. Previous iterations have famously had issues on that front, dating back to Michael Keaton’s suit in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman. Some of the changes for Justice League are intended to make the costume more comfortable, but Ben Affleck wants to find a way to improve that even more, since he’ll be wearing a lot of hats (or cowls) when he produces, writes, directs, and acts in The Batman.


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