Ben Affleck Says Batman Is 'Most Motivated' Member of the Justice League

Ben Affleck says what sets Batman apart from his teammates in Justice League is the character's drive to be a hero. With DC's big team-up film debuting next month, marketing for the film has given fans a lot of new material to look over. Some recent promo images put the spotlight on the defining traits of each member of the League. We also got a colorful new set of character posters this week. To top it all off, the final trailer for the movie will arrive this Sunday.

In the meantime, the cast of Justice League has been at New York Comic Con to reveal more information about the film. While a lot of the recent focus on the movie has been about the change-up from Zack Snyder to Joss Whedon, DC and WB are keen to shift the narrative back to the content of the film. When it arrives, we'll not only see the various titans of DC's film universe come together for the first time, but the movie will shine new light on the individual heroes.

Ben Affleck spoke with Geek magazine as part of a massive feature the outlet did and spoke about Batman's role in the film. While Bruce's teammates each have fantastical abilities to help them fight the forces of evil, the Dark Knight has to rely on something a bit more human.

"I think Bruce is in a unique place to be able to appreciate what these metahumans can do — to a certain extent, he can do some of that too — but to also understand, unlike the others, how much work goes into his ability to be Batman. Every iteration of Batman has explored the history behind his becoming this vigilante, so maybe he's the most motivated of the group, in a way. And of course, he provides the transportation."

As Affleck jokes at the end, Batman will provide transportation for the team in the form of the Flying Fox. And just like everything Batman creates and utilizes, it's a piece of equipment that helps put him in between innocents and those who wish to do them harm.

For the other heroes, their powers enable them to defy death and battle incredible beings. Batman, meanwhile, has to rely on his fighting skills, his mind, and his unlimited capital. Tying all that together, as Affleck highlights, is Bruce Wayne's motivation. Every aspect of his training is about elevating his mind and body so that he can compete with the threats facing the world. And ever gadget he uses just helps level the playing field even more. So while the solo Batman movie will certainly dive into these concepts, it will be interesting to see them play out while Bruce is surrounding by god-like figures in Justice League.

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Source: Geek

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