Batgirl Reportedly Won't Debut in Justice League

Joss Whedon may have joined the DCEU family first as the director of Batgirl, but he apparently won't first introduce her in Justice League. Whedon is no stranger to the comic book movie world after directing the first two Avengers for Marvel Studios, and appeared ready to put those days behind him. It was this reasoning alone that made his sudden hiring by DC so surprising, with him choosing to scale down his scope this time by focusing on just a single character - that being Barbara Gordon.

However, things changed recently for him as he stepped in to fill the void left by Zack Snyder following his exit due to a personal tragedy. Whedon is now in charge of reshoots and completing the film, but his attachment to Batgirl led to rumors that he could actually first introduce her in the DCEU team-up. Unfortunately for Batgirl, she'll have to wait.

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The Wrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez used his show Heroic Insider to put these rumors to bed. He brought up the reports that the currently ongoing Justice League reshoots include the introduction of Batgirl and said this not the case. Not only will the reshoots not add Batgirl to the mix, but no new characters will be included - only ones that were previously part of the film.

For those who were hoping to see Batgirl included, this news is clearly going to be disappointing. However, it is just a report right now and not officially confirmed by Whedon, Geoff Johns, or anyone else involved. Productions are always fluid and changing, so should WB find their Batgirl in the next few months, they could always change course again and work her in as a cameo. But, that may not be the best approach to take, with fans of the character wanting to see more of her than a glorified cameo.

While this does mean a longer wait for Barbara's debut, it also shows a focus from the studio and Whedon to not change things too much from where Justice League was already going. Since Whedon's addition has already seen them bring on a new composer, it would not have been surprising to learn another one of his changes would be to pique interest in his next project. However, since he previously voiced his displeasure with having to set up future films with Avengers, it makes sense he would not want to selfishly do that now.

Batgirl is still a ways off right now as all of Whedon's attention has been turned to Justice League. He previously said he wants to finish the script before he even begins to think about casting, and there's no way to do that now with his newfound responsibilities. Since he also said he thinks casting an unknown would be best for this role, that approach would make it more understandable for her to debut in a giant film like Justice League. But again, this report says that won't happen, so we'll have to wait and see if it turns out to be this way.

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Source: Heroic Insider

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