Justice League's Batcave Contains Battered BvS Suit

Batman v Superman Fight Scene

An interesting tour of the Justice League set has revealed that the superhero ensemble will be paying homage to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in a big way. Although Bruce probably won't be putting it back on for his upcoming battle with Steppenwolf and the Parademons, his Mech Batsuit from BvS will be back in the Batcave!

Say what you want about 2016's box office blockbuster, but the inclusion of an armored Batman for that final battle with Superman looked like it had been pulled straight from the pages of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. Both sides took a pummeling, but even the Man of Steel struggled to take down a more mature Bruce Wayne and the latest tank-like addition to his history of Batsuits.

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With BvS but a distant memory, many would've assumed that the powered exoskeleton has been thrown away or saved for a rainy day. However, in a tour of the Batcave with Empire, the magazine dropped an interesting spoiler that as much as some people would like, not everyone can forget the events of Batman v Superman:

Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman V Superman

"We're in the Batcave - or part of the Batcave - and everything's suitably bleak and rocky. The specially modified Batsuit that was Batbattered by Superman towards the end of Dawn of Justice is on display, a permanent reminder to Bruce Wayne of the dangers of hubris"

One of the biggest BvS Easter Eggs was the inclusion of the fallen Robin suit, which was later confirmed to be Robin No. 2 Jason Todd. The Robin suit was presumably kept as a tragic nod to a dark time in Batman's history. Just like the Robin reminder, the inclusion of the Mech Batsuit implies that Bruce is keeping the memory of his battle with Superman as a grim trophy from how close he came to defeat.

It certainly sounds like the Caped Crusader is gathering a substantial collection of suits instead of skeletons in his closet, but will the Mech Suit come into play during Justice League or is it for display purposes only? With both BvS and Justice League containing several variations on a "classic" Batsuits, it seems that the film is sticking with the darker themes of its predecessors and a more practical wardrobe for the World's Greatest Detective. One thing's for sure though, don't expect any Joel Schumacher-esque rubber nipples for the Dark Knight's latest flight over Gotham!

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Source: Empire Magazine

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