Barry Allen Isn't Called The Flash In Justice League

Justice League may feature the first proper outing of Barry Allen in the DC Extended Universe, but he isn't going by The Flash just yet. In fact, he doesn't get called by his superhero name at all in the new movie, something that Ezra Miller confirmed in a recent interview.

After brief cameos in Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad last year, Miller is set to have a significant role in Zack Snyder's team-up, where he is said to be a fan-favorite due to his enthusiasm. It'll be a dream come true for fans of the character to see the Flash in action on the big screen, but he isn't going to go by that superhero moniker.

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It seems that the speedster will have to wait until Flashpoint before he is properly known by his famous name, which was a deliberate move made by the filmmakers. Miller explained to Chris Van Vilet:

"Barry is just Barry at this point and there's even a scene that was cut from the movie where he is going on and on and on trying to figure out who he should be, and what he should call himself, so yeah he doesn't have a superhero name yet."

Barry Allen was first introduced in the DC Comics in Showcase #4 (October 1956) as a replacement for the original Flash, Jay Garrick, from the 1940s comic books. Robert Kanigher added intertextuality to Barry's origins story by making him a fan of Garrick's Flash comic series which he uses for inspiration for his own superhero name, after he develops the same powers as his comic book hero.

In the CW TV series The Flash, it takes a while for Grant Gustin's Barry to earn his preferred hero name as he's constantly referred to as the Streak in Iris West's blog, and we may seem something similar happen to Ezra Miller's Flash when it comes to his solo outing.

Just because Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon chose to cut the scene of Barry trying to figure out his superhero name in Justice League, it doesn't mean that it won't pop up again in Flashpoint. It may have even been a request from screenwriter Joby Harold to allow Flash's naming process to occur in the solo movie, which is based on the 2011 comic book series of the same name by writer and DC Films chief Geoff Johns and artist Andy Kubert.

The Flashpoint story arc sees the Flash go back in time to stop the Reverse-Flash from murdering his mother, Nora Allen, which creates an alternative universe that fundamentally changes the world as he knows it and the Justice League. In the alternate universe, Superman has been captured by the government and Bruce Wayne has been murdered instead of his parents, while Aquaman and Wonder Woman are in a major conflict with each other in a world-ending war.

WB is waiting to see the reception for Justice League before moving ahead on Flashpoint, but a number of DCEU films coming out in the time between, including Aquaman and Shazam, could see the speedster pop before then. We'll just have to wait and see if he's actually called The Flash in them.

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