Despite the glut of trailers, TV spots, and clips, there’s still a lot that hasn’t yet been revealed when it comes to Justice League. A number of supporting roles in the film have yet to feature in the promotion for the movie, and there are bound to be some surprise cameos. Not only will those smaller roles add more flavor and shading to the main heroes, but they’ll set up characters who will factor into DC’s upcoming solo movies. Now, a brand-new TV spot brings one of the most important Flash characters into the mix and offers an extended look at some solo Wonder Woman action.

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The Justice League Twitter released a new spot for the film that focuses on the belief in heroes. One of the big moments comes from Billy Crudup’s Henry Allen talking to his son Barry from jail, which will greatly inform the Flash’s arc across Justice League and the upcoming Flashpoint movie.

Justice League Trailer Henry Allen Prison Barry Allen Gets Advice From His Dad in New Justice League TV Spot

The Justice League TV spot also features more of Amy Adam’s Lois Lane, who provides some additional inspiration in the film. A clip of Lois chatting with Martha Kent has also been unveiled online, as part of an interview in which Diane Lane praises Justice League for being an impressive superhero blockbuster altogether.

The TV spot also features a lot more of Wonder Woman. First, she is shown giving Cyborg some advice, and the spot ends with Diana talking to a non-believing bank robber. This clip reveals a bit more about a sequence in the film where Wonder Woman battles some bank-robbers, including some interesting period-looking clothes worn by the criminals in question.

With Justice League just around the corner, hopes are high that the DC movie universe will soon have another hit on its hands. Justice League has tested as well as Wonder Woman with audiences during screenings, which certainly bodes well for the film’s chances. While a big box office haul is all but guaranteed, many fans are hoping Justice League can be DC’s second critical hit to boot.

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Source: Justice League Twitter

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