Justice League Art Book Reveals Scrapped 'Modern' Amazonian Costume Design


The tie-in book 'Justice League: The Art of the Film' has unveiled some unused Amazonian armor costume designs from the Justice League movie. A collection of concept art images, published within the book, showcase various options that the costume team considered when developing the modern version of the Amazonian armor, revealing an alternate look for the movie's modern-day Amazons.

A lot of complaints were made when viewers realized that the Amazonian costumes from Justice League were a lot more revealing than certain outfits from Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman movie. Justice League’s costume designer Michael Wilkinson pointed out that the armor in question is for the ancient Amazons in the flashback, saying "Zack (Snyder) wanted a more primal feel. So we harkened back to a time where armor was more primitive, metal was less developed, and the Amazons had a more tribal feel."

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These images from Justice League: The Art of the Film pictures contemporary Amazons along with another wardrobe change compared to Patty Jenkins' version. For this version, Wilkinson also blames for the passage of time:

"For the majority of screen time in Justice League, the Amazons appear in 2017: one hundred years after the events of the Wonder Woman film. We wanted to show the passage time by having a slight development in their armor, so some of the lines and details are different."

Images of alternate versions of these more contemporary costumes have surfaced online, thanks to Reddit user AldebaranTauro, showing an even further evolution from what ended up in the movie, although the costumes they ultimately went with for the modern day Amazons saw far less of an iteration from the 100-year-old fashions seen in Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Justice League

These alternate modern-day costumes would certainly show more passage of time, but the evolution may be a little too far from what the Amazons wore in Wonder Woman, considering it's only 100 years difference. While fashion in "mans world" may have evolved as much in the same time, the culture on Themyscira is far older and likely evolves at a much slower pace, so while these new outfits may have looked great on the screen, Wilkinson and Snyder seem to have made the right call by sticking to the more familiar versions for the modern Themyscira scenes.

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Source: Justice League: The Art of the Film [via AldebaranTauro]

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