Justice League Behind-the-Scenes Photo Offers Closeup Look At Ares, Artemis, & Zeus

-- Justice League SPOILERS lie ahead --

A new behind-the-scenes image from the set of Justice League gives fans their first high quality look at the Old Gods of the DCEU. Early on in the film, Batman and Wonder Woman go for a walk to discuss the villainous Steppenwolf and his first attempt at taking over Earth. As Diana describes the resistance that gathered to turn back the invaders from Apokolips, we're treated to a flashback sequence that features the tribes of mankind, the Amazons, the Atlanteans, a few of the Old Gods, and even a Green Lantern. Why a similar force didn't gather to defeat Steppenwolf the second time around is a mystery, though we do know why the Gods didn't show: they're all dead now. As we learned in Wonder Woman, Ares had actually killed them all sometime after the invasion, save for Zeus, though the latter died after defeating the God of War. And now that Ares has been vanquished for good by everyone's favorite Amazon, DC's take on the Greek Gods have become a thing of the past.

Justice League brings a few of the Gods back into the fold in a pretty impressive flashback scene, however, though it was never made completely clear which supreme beings we were seeing onscreen. Ares' helmet sort of gave him away, but the female God's identity was a bit of a mystery, and whether the lightning-throwing God seen in the trailers was Zeus, Hercules, or perhaps some ancient form of the superhero Shazam was a hot debate topic amongst the fan base.

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The recently released Justice League: The Art of the Film confirmed the Gods' identities, and thanks to Twitter user @LiveLoveLupe, we now have a clearer look at Zeus, Ares, and Artemis in all their muscle-y glory. Check it out for yourself below.

Zack Snyder's #JusticeLeague Ultimate Cut: Ares, Artemis and Zeus. #OldGods

— ?????? (@LiveLoveLupe) November 24, 2017

The ancient Gods of Greece clearly aren't too modest in the mind of Zack Snyder, but their physiques are about as godly as it gets. In Justice League, Zeus is played by fitness model Sergi Constance, Artemis is portrayed by personal trainer Aurore Lauzeral, and Ares is most definitely not played by David Thewlis, the actor attached to the role on IMDB. Thewlis, who played the villainous God of War in Wonder Woman, reportedly had his face CGI'd over the the massive stand-in pictured above (whose identity remains a mystery as of this writing).

As the fan debate rages on as to how much of Snyder's vision ultimately made its way into the final cut of Justice League, it feels like a safe bet that the flashback sequence was all Snyder. It makes sense to hire folks who look like Olympians to play Gods, especially if they don't have any dialogue, and the director definitely went for broke here.

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