Justice League: New Look At Aquaman Underwater

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Hoping to make a splash when it hits cinemas, a new image from Zack Snyder's upcoming Justice League showcases Jason Momoa in underwater action as Aquaman.

With the former Game of Thrones actor heading up his own solo movie as Arthur Curry and his aquatic alter ego in Aquaman, the character will be making waves a lot sooner when Justice League premieres later this year. While the various trailer and TV spots have shown Aquaman as a literal fish out of water on dry land, the latest image shows the DC superhero in his more natural habitat.

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Games Radar has shared the image, which comes from the latest issue of Total Film magazine. The picture shows Momoa taking a dip with a particularly determined look on his face. Could this be the prelude to the scene in the trailers where Curry has a subaquatic spat with Steppenwolf, or is it something else entirely? Regardless of whether Aquaman is swimming toward a friend or a foe, it is great to see that he will be spending at least some of the movie under the sea.

Aquaman Justice League

Although Justice League may be the shortest movie to grace DC's expanded universe, there are plenty of JL members to pack into its screen time. As well the leading trio of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, our favorite heroes will be joined by Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, and possibly even Green Lantern. With so many people's origins to explore, let's just hope that Momoa gets his time to shine in the feature. Thankfully, with a grittier take on Curry, it looks like Justice League will be the time to show that Aquaman really is an underwater badass.

Serving as the comedic foil to Ben Affleck's stoic Batman, Aquaman seems to be the much-needed comedy that the DCEU is so often criticized for lacking. While the character himself has become a bit of a joke in comic book circles when compared to the likes of Superman, there are high hopes that Snyder and Geoff Johns created an Aquaman for a whole new audience in the same way Johns did when he revamped him in the comics.

Debuting in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans only got a glimpse of what Aquaman can do, so given an expanded role in Justice League should serve as the perfect segue into Momoa holding up James Wan's solo film. How Batman gets Curry to join the team of unlikely saviors when they go up against Steppenwolf remains to be seen, but at least the latest image shows that Aquaman can do more than just splash about and talk to the fishes.

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Source: Games Radar

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  • Justice League (2017) release date: Nov 17, 2017
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