How Aquaman Was Different In The Snyder Cut of Justice League

Aquaman and Flash in Justice League

Other Ways The Reshoots Changed Aquaman's Story

Given the sheer scale of Whedon's reshoots, the truth is that so many of Zack Snyder's Aquaman scenes will have wound up on the editing room floor, while plenty of additional photography featuring Momoa will have been shot in its place. In the Snyder version, for example, it's known that all the members of the Justice League went to retrieve Superman's body - presumably meaning it was an act of deep significance to the entire team, including Aquaman. Meanwhile, a number of deleted scenes have teased that the League was supposed to spend some time in S.T.A.R. Labs, with some images showing evidence of battle damage due to some sort of an action sequence. All of these will have affected Aquaman's role and perhaps arc in the film.

These were replaced by several character moments that were primarily played for humor. The most prominent example, of course, is Whedon's scene where Arthur unwittingly sat on Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth; what followed was a bout of verbal diarrhea that unfortunately became Aquaman's most memorable moment in Justice League. Then there's another moment where Aquaman was a spectator to a confrontation between Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman; Batman goaded Diana by bringing up Steve Trevor, and for a moment it looked as though the two superheroes would come to blows. Aquaman is present, and he's shown reacting by getting ready to join in. This second example may be a subtle one, but it points to an important fact; Aquaman's role, his dialogue, and even his body language will potentially have changed in any single scene that was reshot or added into the film. The third act was also reshot quite significantly, so all of Arthur's scenes in that were probably adjusted in some way.

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Curiously, some of the Snyder footage is actually being reused by Warner Bros, with YouTube end cards to the Aquaman trailer focusing on scenes not from the theatrical cut of Justice League. It seems Warner Bros. do believe Snyder's footage is good enough to use it a little in marketing, although it's difficult to place random shots in any given context.

The Ending Of Snyder's Justice League Set Up Aquaman

Zack Snyder recently took to social media to reveal a still of what would have been Aquaman's final moments in Justice League. This showed Aquaman striding away from Mera and another figure, likely Vulko. Jason Momoa has explained the scene, revealing that this was intended to be setup for Aquaman. Mera and Vulko had come to Arthur for help, and warned him that a force was coming that he alone could oppose - clear foreshadowing of Orm's attack on the surface world. To say Aquaman was disinterested is an understatement; he simply responded by telling them, "I'm going home to see my dad." According to Momoa, this was intended to signify that it had been quite some time since Arthur had visited his father, but he felt he needed to ground himself once again after the battle with Steppenwolf and the Parademons. Ironically, of course, the decision to go to his childhood home of Amnesty Bay took Aquaman straight into his half-brother's firing line.

It's interesting to note that Snyder initially intended there to be a straight narrative throughline between Justice League and Aquaman. In the end, of course, the connections between the two films became a little less notable; indeed, the only obvious tie between the two plots in James Wan's is when Mera makes a throwaway reference to Steppenwolf. Things, evidently, could have been very different.

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