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WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Justice League of America #23


The Justice League of America never stood a chance against mankind's first Queen, as our preview of Issue #23 confirms. For those who haven't been following the story of DC's 'other' Justice League, the latest issue revealed the truth of their origins. Batman handpicked this Justice League for a purpose, having sensed that a sorcerer from Earth's ancient past was coming. Her name is the Queen of Fables, and she's unlike any supervillain the heroes have fought before. Which you would know, since you've read about her since you were a child.

The return of the Queen of Fable's to DC's Universe comes almost two decades after she made her very first appearance. Imagined then as the very real, very terrifying evil queen from Snow White. A villain twisted from fact to fiction to spare mankind her sorcery. But she's back with a vengeance this time around - literally. It's a blend of Disney horror, storybook fantasy, and a nightmare version of Frozen all rolled into one.

And judging by our preview of Justice League of America #23, not even the God of Superheroes would be able to stop her... wait, who?

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As we mentioned earlier, the arrival of the Queen of Fables (a.k.a. Tsaritsa) in the previous issue was a threat Batman saw coming. Apparently, she came to Bruce Wayne in a dream, attempting to lure her way out of the dream world she had been banished to millennia earlier. As she would later explain, the power she wielded over mankind in its infancy was unparalleled, making her a true "Primordial Monarch." While she had little regard for humans, her sister Freya offered a kind, just balance.

Until the Queen of Fables was banished from reality by her subjects, leaving her unable to protect her sister. A sister who, for obvious reasons, bears a strong resemblance to Killer Frost. Which is probably why she's betrayed her fellow League members... which is where Issue #23 begins.

Take a look at the preview pages below:

The preview pages show just how deep Killer Frost has gotten herself in with the Queen of Fables, having allowed her into reality unwillingly. Well, she accepted the Queen's offer of curing her powers, but didn't know doing so would effectively end the world. Which as to sting, since it was Caitlin Snow's fear of ending the world with her ice powers that motivated her decision. With the League now in chains, their home base of Happy Harbor destroyed, it seems all hope is lost.

Or is it? These pages show the second mention of a "God of Superheroes" who stood against the Queen of Fables, and apparently fell before she was defeated. A tease like that isn't one made lightly, so fans should cross their fingers. Whatever Steve Orlando's story is building toward, it looks to blur the line between a few different types of fantasy.

Check out a full synopsis for the issue below:


Published: January 24, 2018

Writer: Steve Orlando

Art: Neil Edwards, Daniel Henriques

Cover Artist: Terry Dodson

"QUEEN OF FABLES" part two! The Queen of Fables has begun granting the wishes of everyone across the globe, and with each wish granted, her powers grow greater. The Justice League has to police people's dangerous wishes while one of their own, Killer Frost, has her greatest wish granted by the Queen...

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Justice League of America #23 hits local comic shops and digital services on January 24, 2018.

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